Welcome to Our Youth: Toys Are Making a Comeback

We’ve all seen those silly posts, things a child from the 80s couldn’t live without or this is a blast from the past. Well there really is a resurgence especially with toys making a comeback. We recently found that several of our favorite toys are making a comeback. I happen to love seeing the nostalgia. Here are a few of my favorite ones that I’ve found so far. We received a few items to help us prepare for this post but all opinions are our own.

Fraggles: Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock! Super Impulse and The Jim Henson Company have partnered to bring your favorite Fraggle characters out of their caves and to life. Fraggle Rock is based on the iconic HBO show from the mid-Eighties, with the quirky Muppet-like characters that people know and love: Gobo, Red, Mokey, Wembley and Boober.

toys are making a comeback

I love the detail including a post card in Gobo’s pocket!

World’s Smallest: This is a special set of toys as they take some of our favorite toys and make them as tiny as can be! It’s a blast from the past with World’s Smallest toys: they’re classics that never go out of style! This successful line of toys from Super Impulse are adorable miniature versions of everyone’s favorite toys. They’re all fully functioning such that the World’s Smallest Rubik’s really does work and you can put your Yo-Yo skills to the test with World’s Smallest Duncan Yo-Yo.

Wiz-z-zer: Wiz-z-zer’s back, back again… The 1970’s spinning top is wizzin’ back into style with the return of the original Wiz-z-zer! With a whole new look that is both retro and contemporary, this spinning top requires no batteries, string, ripcord or launchers to spin. The tricks are endless with the Original Wiz-z-zer, which spins at an impressive 10,000 RPM! Also joining the Wiz-z-zer family are the Wiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z: jacked up cars that can race, battle, stack and crash. Stealing the show is the Wiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z Spin & Battle Arena, which features 2 ramps for double the battle and play action! I think this was the one the kids had the most fun with. It comes complete with instructions and pieces to do certain tricks.

So many toys are making a comeback! Which ones are your favorite?

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