Back to School with Foster Farms

You all have read for awhile how much I love Foster Farms. I love the ease of their gluten free corn dogs! We've made a few parties around them and even made a delicious Gluten Free Spicy Cheddar Cheese Dip that was perfect for them. The kids love to … [Read more...]

Thirty One Gifts Exclusive September Print #Giveaway

I love Thirty One Gifts. They have so many different items that help families. When the kids were in dance, they each had an All In One Utility tote with their names on it. It made it super easy to keep track of their shoes and water bottles at the … [Read more...]

DualScan’s Ultra Pulse Talking Ear and Forehead Digital Thermometer

It's prime germ time right now. If you haven't gotten your flu shot, I urge you to get one. It doesn't protect you against all of the strains of the flu but it does help. I used to be opposed to it but got the flu once that made me so ill. It's a 5 … [Read more...]

PhoneSoap Giveaway

With school starting and flu season coming, this is the time we're all going to see a dramatic increase in germs at home and work. Unfortunately one of the places you will find germs the most is going to be your phone. Think about all the places you … [Read more...]

Clipa Handbag Hanger Giveaway

We've all seen the different handbag hangers. My problem is that most of the are awkward, easy to forget or just don't hold my bag. I hate tossing my purse on the floor or hanging it from the back of my chair. I'm so happy to be able to learn about … [Read more...]

BenQ e-Reading Lamp and Genie Lamp Giveaway

With it being back to school time, this is the perfect time to make sure you have a dedicated homework area set up. Part of that is finding a dedicated space that is quiet, well lit and easy to monitor. For us we like having a variety of different … [Read more...]

Take Your Family to the Zoo #Giveaway

We happen to love taking the kids to the zoo. We live close enough to visit either Maryland Zoo or The National Zoo in D.C. We kind of alternate between the two. The one in Baltimore has giraffes that you can even feed. This is a great way to learn, … [Read more...]

Isabelle Grace ID Necklace #Giveaway

Rachael is in love with all things jewelry right now. Its the most important thing for her when we're ready to leave the house. The problem is finding something that's not overly expensive, but won't fall apart in minutes either. I loved reading … [Read more...]

Mission Belts Giveaway

It's back to school time and it's the perfect time to get the final accessories for the kids. Welcome to our Mission Belts Giveaway. Misson Belt is allowing us to giveaway 2 of their Canvas Belts! If you haven't read my review yet you can read … [Read more...]

Bestek Electric Pressure Cooker Giveaway

Everyone has heard about the Electric Pressure cooker craze. I recently got one for myself. I've found so many wonderful recipes including ones that are gluten free! My favorite is a ground beef enchilada casserole. Yum!! I joined up with other … [Read more...]