Kings Dominion BBQ & Beer Fest Family Friendly?

While Kings Dominion is extremely family friendly, I wasn't sure if BBQ & Beer Fest would be. When you combine alcohol and summer heats it can go sideways quickly. I was, however, excited to explore the festival and see how it all worked and if … [Read more...]

Traveling with a Tween: Hendricks Motorsports

You may have seen the big announcement the other day over on Facebook, Charlie and I are all alone this summer. Rachael is off to North Carolina with my parents and she's having a blast but it means that we get to do some travel just the two of us. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Our Youth: Toys Are Making a Comeback

We've all seen those silly posts, things a child from the 80s couldn't live without or this is a blast from the past. Well there really is a resurgence especially with toys making a comeback. We recently found that several of our favorite toys are … [Read more...]

Traveling with Tweens-Making It Fun for Them and You

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to take a European vacation with my tween sons. For 19 glorious days we explored the sights, enjoyed our time together and made lasting memories. To this day, we still find ourselves talking about … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Every Family Needs to Visit KidsFest Kings Dominion

When you first think of KidsFest at Kings Dominion, you may immediately jump to younger kids and it's not a great idea for your 10- 11 year old. I'm happy to say that's not the case for our family. This past weekend we were invited to participate in … [Read more...]

Summer STEM Learning with SPRK+ and Best Buy

Last year Charlie participated in a summer STEM program at a college in North Carolina. He really loved it but this year we have so much traveling and racing scheduled that we just can't make it work. So I've been looking at different ways to get him … [Read more...]

Upgrade the Laundry Room with LG and Best Buy

Charlie does our laundry at this point. It's nice because I don't have to climb to the basement to do it. The bad part is that he doesn't always remember to do it. Last weekend we had family over for a huge party. The morning before I woke up and was … [Read more...]

Five Great Stops to Make A Day in DC

While we live close to DC, its not often that we go there and just play tourist. This is something we're actually going to do a bit this summer since Rae will be with my parents. Charlie and I will have to keep busy and I know he will love to see … [Read more...]

Amazon Prints is REALLY worth the try!’ $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

I love having physical photos of the kids and they love having them. While I love the school photos that we all get, its time to take our digital photos to a physical print too. Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post and providing prizes for the … [Read more...]

Toys for Summer Trips Thanks to Flipazoo

It's hard to be a work at home/stay at home mom during the summer. It's hard because we're in charge of doing it all for the kids and the family and making it fun. This year I want to focus less on the electronics and more on creative activities for … [Read more...]