OH What a Weekend

The sickies finally hit mommy. All three other beings in this house have had some sort of sickies for the past few weeks. By Tuesday most were feeling completely better. Rach had a runny nose but felt good. Thursday mommy was so sore and ick feeling. … [Read more...]

Hurt Feelings

Ever had one of those days. Nothing you seem to do is right. Then when you finally think something is going to go well you're let down again. Welcome to my day. I won't tell the whole thing as I know some people that read my blog would know the … [Read more...]

Honestly he owns a bed.

When Charlie was around 18 months or so he used to sit my office while I worked. Hey it was cheaper then daycare, he got to be with mommy all day and we did some fun activities. Oh and did I mention it was cheaper then daycare. Well one day while in … [Read more...]

Ruffle bottoms

Jen is doing a giveaway and I am IN LOVE! These are the cutest bloomers. Check out Rufflebutts to see what I'm talking about. I cannot wait till payday. Definitely going to be buying some outfits for Rachie for our Disney trip. … [Read more...]


Finally got a GOOD snow. Charlie's been talking about "Nomen" for ages and has never been lucky enough to get a decent enough snow. Of course now we have tons of snow and it's not the best kind for building a snowman. Its the fun wet stuff. Hubby … [Read more...]

Kiddie update

Guess now that I've gotten my SQUEEEing out of the way (especially since I had to do it silently since I'm the only one awake) I should also get a kiddo update in here. Charlie is absolutely loving school. He's gets so excited when we turn in the … [Read more...]


So I'm rocking the baby to sleep when I hear the mailman show up. (Thankfully he did not ring the bell.) Come down stairs and it's pressies for ME!! My order from the Loopy Ewe has arrived. So exciting. I received a set of stitch markers: and of … [Read more...]


Happy dances all around! I actually won something: 2 tickets to Shecky's from Tasha. So excited!! … [Read more...]

Big Day

So today was the big day. Charlie started preschool. He was so stinking proud of himself. He picked out his backpack all by himself (OK well ToysRus had a lot of say since they only had 3 styles left and were the only place I was able to find them.) … [Read more...]

Too Early

So baby girl has decided to just grow up to fast. No way at 8 months old she should be standing on her own. She has really progressed with crawling this week. She has a hard time on the floors since they are either the tile or hardwood and she slips … [Read more...]