Let’s Color Together Book

I received a Let’s Color Together book to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. let's color together

Adult coloring books are all the rage over the last few years and with good reason. They are wonderful stress relievers! Spending a half hour coloring those beautiful pictures takes us right back to our childhoods and helps us forget about the day to day. When I heard that Sourcebooks was coming out with a coloring book for parents and kids to share, I got genuinely excited.Let's Color TogetherRae and I had a nice time coloring together. The images are nice and clear to see which one should be colored by more experienced artists. Many of the images for the children are a portion of the bigger image for the adult. It was nice to see we both had similar images but with our own spin on the coloring itself.


Sourcebooks has always been a powerful resource for all things illuminating and enlightening. You can count on them to come up with new and unique ways to entertain us. The latest example is a simple, yet powerful tool in our parenting bag of tricks. It is called Let’s Color Together and it is for parents and kids of all ages.
Let’s Color Together takes the ever-popular theme of adult coloring books and melds it with the love that children have for coloring. Each page of this beautiful book has an adult picture on one side of the book with another that is more suitable for children. This allows parent and child to sit next to one another, chat about their day and enjoy a wonderful coloring experience. Such a simple idea but brilliant in it’s delivery, Let’s Color Together is sure to cause yet another revolution in the world of coloring books.
Let's Color Together
The book is 112 pages and contains 61 breathtakingly enjoyable coloring pictures for you and your child to enjoy. Margaret Peot is the author and has done a brilliant job of putting together a book that will hold the attention of pretty much anyone. Coloring can be addictive!

The pages are generally nature pictures. When you open the book, one side of the pages will be more intricate and detailed (for the parents to color) and the other will be a continuation of the same picture, but less detailed for the kids. Sitting side by side or across from one another is a wonderful way to engage your kid and reconnect on a regular basis.

Why not use them as a way to spend time together? I know that for my kids….