Kings Dominion BBQ & Beer Fest Family Friendly?

While Kings Dominion is extremely family friendly, I wasn’t sure if BBQ & Beer Fest would be. When you combine alcohol and summer heats it can go sideways quickly. I was, however, excited to explore the festival and see how it all worked and if kids would be okay in the midst. I was also wondering how the pricing would be. A large family that has been running through the park all day is going to be a hungry family. Would it be cost effective to purchase food through BBQ & Beer Fest? We were given complementary tickets and tokens to experience BBQ & Beer Fest this weekend. At the front gate, you can’t miss the display to let you know that its time for BBQ & Beer Fest. This is one of the things that I love about Kings Dominion. They always have beautiful displays throughout the park and even at the front gate that help you know what’s happening or coming. BBQ & Beer Fest

BBQ and Brew Fest returns to for its third season! Enjoy mouthwatering BBQ from our culinary team, toe-tapping live entertainment and quench your thirst with the best local craft beers in Virginia. Grab your friends and head to Windseeker Plaza for this three weekend event, Saturdays and Sundays 12:00pm – 8:00pm, August 5-20. A key thing to note is that all items sold are sampling items (although much bigger than I was expecting) and must be purchased using special tokens. There is a stand when you first walk in the BBQ & Beer Fest to purchase tokens or if you buy your tickets online you can add them to your ticket purchase. The best thing about this is that I believe the tokens are completely reasonable. All food items are between 2-4 tokens (most items are 4). You can purchase craft beers and wine for 4 tokens as well. The beers are a 12 oz sample and the wine is 8 oz.


There is a large selection of samples from several states on the menu:BBQ & Beer Fest

We decided to try several of the different samples from as many of the states as we thought we would like.

Here is our Virginia Loaded Tater Tots and Smoked Wings. The tater tots are loaded with Gouda cheese and shredded duck. YES for $4 you can try duck. I have to say the Virginia Samples were my favorite. The tater tots were crunchy with smooth tasting duck and covered in cheese (I could have dealt with slightly less green onions.) The smoked wings were covered in a sweet and spicy sauce and they were cooked perfectly. Extremely moist but with a crisp to the outside. Our friend that went with us decided to try the burnt brisket ends from Texas. They looked delicious. (So good that I somehow missed getting a photo of them!)

Charlie ate not one but two samples of the ribs from St. Louis. They were super moist and cooked beautifully. They are covered with the sweet and spicy sauce as well. Each stand did have one or two sauce choices and they were happy to help if you didn’t want a particular flavor they would happily leave it off for you and you could sauce yourself.

I tried the chicken lollipops from the Georgia stand. I will say this was my favorite sauce. Its a mustard BBQ and out of this world. The downside was the chicken lollipops were dry. I ate one and we passed on the second one.

Since we spend so much time in North Carolina we of course had to test something. We chose the loaded hushpuppies.

So was the Kings Dominion BBQ & Beer Fest family friendly? Yes, a resounding yes. First of all the food is reasonably priced and there are so many options that it was easy to find something to appease all the family. While there was alcohol being served to over 21 guests, I did not see a single person out of control. There were security and state troopers patrolling the area I can only assume to keep an eye on this. The overall feel of the event was fun. There was live music playing throughout the day. We really enjoyed the Moonshine band that was there when we sat down. It was fun to tap your toes while you ate. When we walked back through a little later there was a marching type band playing in the middle of everyone. Kids and adults were getting involved by moving to the music and singing the songs.

Remember that BBQ & Beer Fest is happening the next two weekends at Kings Dominion in Virginia. Of course you do have to purchase a ticket to the park but it just adds to the fun and experience.


  1. Sorry I gobbled the brisket before you got a picture! It was so yummy!

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