Introducing Caffeinated Club

When I was trying to lose weight it was very hard to think about giving up my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper. But I knew that it was made with chemicals that were bad for me and it wasn’t helping me. I knew that I needed to find something that was a better fit for me and my family. The kids have never really liked the taste of soda so its not to big of a concern for them but I’d still rather they make healthy choices.

I have recently found club soda and while I like the taste it lacks the caffeine boost that I get from my other vices. I was sent some samples of a new club soda to try. These samples are flavored and are caffeinated. The new brand is Caffeinated Club. These little bottles pack a powerful punch. The Caffeinated Club comes in clear, Lemon, Raspberry and Orange Grapefruit. I stashed a few bottles in the fridge last night and I guess they were too tempting cause someone else got into them too.

elf caffeniated club

Silly Elf! At least I know he’s drinking a healthy drink. Caffeinated club has no calories and no artificial sweeteners. The kids have fallen in love with the raspberry and lemon flavors. I am preferring the plain clear. What can I say? I’m a no frills kinda gal. But either way Caffeinated Club is reducing calories and chemicals in our bodies that we don’t need. I love that the bottles are small so I can actually pack them for the kids to take on trips and its enough to hydrate them but not enough to make me have to stop for potty breaks every 15 minutes.

caffeinated club