imp_header1What do you get the mother that literally has everything? I’m sure many dads/husbands are wondering this season what to purchase for the ladies in their lives. I have a huge sentimental streak, as most women do. I like to get things that are from the heart. When I heard about Imprecious I knew this was a good fit for me.

Their jewelry is just beautiful and no one piece is exactly the same. Why? Because each piece is made with fingerprints. We chose to make a necklace for my mom for Christmas this year. It was extremely easy to do. We decided to purchase the Cascade necklace with four charms. The kit arrived within 2 days of ordering.

My sister and her boys had visisted to do our annual Christmas pictures of the kids. At the end of the night we pulled the materials out and worked together to get each child’s fingerprints.

You simply mix a little of the yellow dough with a little of the white dough until there is no more yellow left. Roll the combined dough into a ball on a smooth dry surface. Press the child’s thumb into the dough to make a print and then let dry overnight. Then repeat again for one other finger so it will appear as though the child pinched the silver. Place the prints into the package that was sent and mail back to Imprecious. In just 2-4 weeks time you receive back the beautiful one of a kind piece of jewelry sure to make any lady cry.

Watch our painless process: (Pardon the noises from the Super Why toy.)

We are in the waiting process to get our jewelry back and I will upload some more pictures and hopefully a video of Grandma getting her piece.