Home Chef Delivering Healthy Meals Weekly

Let’s face it we’re all busy. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a work away from home mom, a childless couple, you have band practice/football practice/cheerleading/dance, we’re all busy. At times the business controls us and we forget to make healthy meals. Half the time we forget to shop for those healthy meals. I’ve seen a few of the home delivery options out there but most of them do not have a gluten free option or they have only one meal option. Home Chef reached out to me and offered a credit that would allow us to try their service. Of course my first thought was the gluten free options. So I used my credit and ordered dinner for our family. You can chose how many servings your meal is for and there are multiple options each week to choose from for your meal. I chose to do a 4 serving meal of balsamic steak. I set delivery for the next week and got a shipping notification when it was passed to UPS. I was then able to track it to see where it was and how it was moving.


The day it arrived we were actually running errands and I was concerned we might have a problem with the food being cold still. We arrived home to find this stunning box on the front porch. It was heavy, sturdy cardboard box. But inside was perfection.

home chef

What a beautiful Home Chef Box!

home chefThere were no concerns as to whether or not there would be a problem with spoilage as the box is heavily insulated with ice packs galore. Our food was cold! You also get a binder to store meal cards in and each meal comes with a complete recipe.

home chef home chef

The Food:

The one thing that I loved about the Home Chef service is that every thing comes for the meal. From the butter to the glaze, potatoes and broccoli. Every single thing for the recipe is in the box except simple seasoning like salt and pepper.

home chefThe night before my surgery I wanted to make something special for dinner that would fill me up and the Balsamic Steak was perfect for that. I followed the directions on the recipe card and made the potatoes and broccoli, seared the steaks and then enjoyed.

home chef

Steaming broccoli before adding Parmesan cheese

home chef

Pan roasted potatoes

The final meal was delicious. I didn’t think the kids would eat the steak with the glaze and I actually made them something else for dinner. It worked great because we had the entire casserole for the next night and no cooking was needed. The bad part? They ate most of my steak.

home chefYou can order from Home Chef for next week now!