the Habit Burger Grill

I was recently invited to bring the kids to a special event at the Habit Burger Grill in Rockville. We received a meal and information about the Habit Burger Grill brand in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

As a mom it can be hard to find food places that are quick for when we’re running, tastes great and offers options that are actually safe for our family. You see the main big brands are just out for us. They don’t have anything gluten free or those items they do have are at a high risk of cross contamination. I was excited to see that the Habit Burger Grill not only has options for us but they have great tasty options. Thank you to them for having us for lunch and allowing me to try some different types of burgers. 

Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill is a great idea of simple food, fresh and approachable. They currently sell 80-90% burgers but also have other options. They find that the burger sales go down when its a family that comes in. They have great kid options including chicken nuggets and grilled cheese sandwiches. They started in California back in 1969 and have grown to 155 locations worldwide. But the big thing for me is they are more conscious of  food allergies. While peanut oil is a great tasting oil for frying its also a high allergen oil. Soy oil is a great alternative that while still an allergen for some it’s not as prevalent as peanuts.

For our family the big allergy is gluten of course. So it was great to see that the chefs were quick to let us know what was safe and how they could make our burgers or sandwiches safe for us. So how is the food? What’s it all look like?

Habit Burger Grill

Mushroom Charburger

Habit Burger Grill

Chicken Club

Habit Burger Grill

Tempura Green Beans

Habit Burger Grill

Gluten Free lettuce wrapped burgers and Sweet Potato fries

Habit Burger Grill

Sirloin Steak Sandwhich

Habit Burger Grill


Habit Burger Grill

Salad options

Habit Burger Grill


Sampling the food

A sampling of food arrived at our table for all of us to taste test. We received the double char burger, the teriyaki char, bbq bacon char, and mushroom char burgers. There was also a chicken club, sirloin steak and veggie burger. For salad options we had a grilled chicken salad and a garden salad. Sides included onion rings, tempura green beans, sweet potato fries and french fries.

Now we were there with other bloggers so they ate the items that weren’t gluten friendly and share their thoughts too. Resoundingly the answer was the food was fresh, hot and delicious.

Our Take on the Habit Burger Grill Food

I have to say I had the double char burger and it was one of the best burgers I have ever had. It was juicy but not greasy. It was loaded with flavor and tasted just fantastic. It not only had cheese and was lettuce wrapped but it also had chopped grilled onions that were just outstanding. Rae stole the mushroom burger for herself and ate every last mushroom first than dug into the burger itself. I love that they have options for all of us as a family. They even have dessert options including a delicious sundae and milkshakes. The best part is that everything was more than affordable.

As for ambience, when you walk into a Habit Burger Grill they live up to the idea of being approachable. The light fixtures are specifically designed to make the room bright but not be ugly.

Habit Burger Grill decor

The paintings on the wall are meant to bring you back to the Habit Burger Grill roots with paintings of California.

Habit Burger GrillThey have beautifully upholstered booths for seating as well as tables and chairs. It was easy for us to manipulate a few tables to have a larger space for us bloggers and our families but not be in the way of other customers. 

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