Getting Fit with Arc from Amazfit

Last month we all made our resolutions. For most people it was to lose weight, become more fit, or be active. For me it was to be as healthy as I could be. I’d love to lose some weight but it’s more about being healthy. So I pulled out my last fitness tracker and it doesn’t work. I think I’ve tried them all over the years. The problem with the wrist ones is they tend to be bulky and hurt my wrist. The ones that clip I have a hard time finding the right spot to actually get an accurate reading. I was looking for a new tracker when I found the Arc. I was offered a sample in order to write about getting fit with Arc from Amazfit. All opinions are my own though.

So the first thing I had to note was that the Arc was definitely different in size. Its much smaller in width so it doesn’t hurt my wrist. You see I’m an avid knitter and typer so I use my wrists A LOT! Other bands are too wide and dig into my joint. The Arc is smaller and fits better.

I love the smooth sleek look of the Arc too. Doesn’t it look great? It has a readable face so you tap the screen to wake it up. It goes through multiple options including time, steps, calories and there is a heart rate built in. If you have it synced with your phone, it will even vibrate to let you know when you get a call or text!

So how does it do with stats?
Within the app, you can see in one shot everything from your heart rate, steps taken and when you were most active. There is also sleep tracking so you can see how well you slept, from awake time to deep sleep. I love this feature as it means I’m able to know if I’m getting enough sleep. This is by far the most comfortable tracker I’ve used for sleep tracking too!

You can get your Amazfit Arc Activity, Heart Rate & Sleep Tracker at Amazon!