Get Fresh with Litehouse Foods

I attended an event hosted by Litehouse Foods. I received dinner and a gift bag in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Finding healthy fresh foods is more and more difficult and doing it without breaking the bank can be impossible some days. I love the idea of fresh salads for lunch. Its healthy and quick to make and eat with a protein shake. I’ve been buying the quick salad kits that have dressing in them already. Guess what I learned at our dinner? Those dressings that I love so much are actually Litehouse Foods dressing. I was lucky enough to travel with Olivia from This and That with Olivia. It was funny to see this billboard as we were driving to Aggios Baltimore for dinner.

Once we were greeted it was time to start learning about Litehouse Foods and of course taste test some delicious foods. We started by finding our seats and how amazingly cute is this idea for name cards? Each of us had a personalized piece of fresh produce with our names attached. When we did our introductions we were to explain why our piece of fruit would be a resemblance of us. My apple reminded me that it wasn’t perfect and neither am I.
IMG_20160602_184159I was a little leery of the Chunky Bleu Cheese as I’ve never been a big fan but it was nice to see on the table! Did you know that Litehouse Foods uses glass for their containers so that the plastic doesn’t leech into the dressing and change the flavor profile? You can only find Litehouse Foods in the produce section because they have to be fresh.

IMG_20160602_190745We were in for a treat with a 5-course meal. I was excited to see that many options were gluten free and the waiter was extremely nice about going through each course to explain what was safe and what modifications could be made if need be.

IMG_20160602_191838My favorite two words on the earth right there: GLUTEN FREE!

IMG_20160602_192841We were served a selection of red and white wines with our meal and Chris was a sommelier. He explained all the differences between the white and red, where they were made. It was interesting to hear the complete story of the vineyards and how they chose to make the types of wines they do.

IMG_20160602_201808The first thing to our table was an amuse-bouche. It was a savory funnel cake topped with Parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper. Unfortunately I couldn’t taste this one but I understand that it was absolutely delicious.

IMG_20160602_203444Like most meals our beginner was a fresh salad with pickled greens, peas and snap peas. It was a treat to try some different tastes. I’d never had pickled greens before and this was pretty tasty. The big highlight of course was to taste test the Litehouse Ranch and Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese dressings. I’ve never been a fan of Bleu Cheese but I really wanted to give this a full test so I took a tentative bite.

I have to say the creamy texture was completely different on the Litehouse dressing than any other I’ve ever tasted. I actually wound up eating more of the bleu cheese than of the ranch.


We got a cooking demo from Rebecca. She made some delicious looking chickpea sliders. We weren’t able to taste them just because we weren’t able to cook them in the room we were in. Rebecca will be on WBAL at 7:50 a.m. this morning so watch her and grab the recipe or you can check out her Zesty Chickpea Sliders and more recipes on the Litehouse website.



Warm Bean Salad with cheese

litehouse foods

Risotto with Oyster Mushrooms

litehouse foods

Pork chop with baby corn and asparagus

litehouse foods

Chocolate espresso cake with pistachio gelato

Overall our meal was just fantastic and we had a great time learning all about Litehouse Foods. I loved hearing the story of how Litehouse Foods started. A small family restaurant that made some fantastic bleu cheese dressing where people would come with jars to take it home, two brothers who decided to take the recipe mainstream without losing the taste or freshness. But the key for me was that the company is 100% employee owned. So every employee from the janitor to the CEO have the same want to see the company grow and flourish. Because of that, Litehouse Foods is making a quality product that is made from fresh ingredients and for fresh ingredients. But did you know that they make more than just salad dressing? They have cheese, cider, Greek yogurt dips and herbs. I love the idea of the herbs as they are freeze dried and shelf stable for 3 years.