Elf in Santa’s Bag Tutorial

Every year I am tasked with trying to find a new and great gift for the teacher’s. Before it has been a little easier because I could just pull out the usual gift card or easy present. The last 2 years we gave Charlie a budget and told him he could pick whatever he wanted. Well when he decided to give a massager to his teacher I was embarrassed.  While it was perfectly innocent, he liked the way it felt and he said his teacher often complained of a krick in her neck, it was still hard to explain to her why HE felt this was a good idea. This year started something else for us. Rachael being in kindergarten means that she will have the same teachers that Charlie had. So I have to have something different for her kindergarten teachers. 

We had come to my parents for Thanksgiving and before we got here my mom sent me a photo of her most recent DIY craft. 


 These cute little bags really look like an elf has fallen in Santa’s bag. But how hard would they be to make? How much were they going to cost? Well I can tell you that these teacher’s presents were pretty darn cheap. We made 18 of them for under $50. That’s an average of $3 a present. 

The first step is to gather materials. We got all of ours at the Dollar Store except for the plaster of paris. 


MATERIALS: (For making 1 elf in a bag)

  1. One stocking
  2. One Christmas themed sock
  3. One disposable bowl
  4. Two pencil erasers or electrical nuts
  5. Two pencils
  6. Stuffing
  7. Two jingle bells
  8. Two or three presents
  9. Plaster of Paris
  10. Hot glue and a glue gun


  1. Make up a small amount of plaster of Paris according to the directions. I mixed ours in a Solo cup with a plastic spoon so that it wasn’t all over the kitchen.  
  2. Pour into the disposable bowl until 2/3 full.
  3. When the plaster has set approximately 10 minutes and started to harden, push the pencil eraser/electrical nut into the plaster so that the holes are flush with the top of the plaster. image
  4. While the plaster finishes hardening, its time to do a little sewing. Grab your stocking, turn it inside out and draw a line all the way across about 4 inches down from the top. In the toe space, draw two elf shoes. image
  5. Sew across the line and around the shoes leaving the top of the shoes open. 
  6. With the sock turned inside out, sew two straight lines up the sock leaving a space in the middle. image
  7. Cut across under the line of sewing on the stocking and on the outside of the elf shoes. Cut in between the two sewn lines on the sock. You should now have a square, two shoes and two legs. All pieces need to be turned right side out. image
  8. Now comes the fun part, stuffing. Stuff each leg.image
  9. Stuff each shoe. Make sure the toes of the shoes are stiff. They have to hold up a bell! To help make the points extra stiff I used leftover from the stocking cuttings to fill the toe. image
  10. After each leg has been stuffed (A pencil comes in handy to get all the way to the bottom) use a pencil in each leg to stiffen the leg.image 
  11. Hot glue a jingle bell to the tip of each elf shoe.image
  12. Put some hot glue in the bottom of the bag and glue your bowl into the bottom of the bag.image 
  13. Now place a little hot glue in one of the erasers/electrical nuts and stick your “leg” in. I found having the eraser portion of the pencil in the leg and using the lead portion made life easier getting it into the pencil eraser. Add an extra dollop of hot glue and squish the sock down to help with keeping the legs steady. image
  14. Hot glue the elf shoe onto the end of the leg that is now standing up from your bag. (My mom found it easier to glue the shoes on while the leg was not attached. I found it easier with them attached.)
  15. Repeat step 13 for the other leg. 
  16. Tie a simple bow around the bag and hot glue your little presents in. image

VIOLA! A simple, easy and CHEAP Christmas gift. I plan on adding some candy into our bags for our teachers.