Choo Choo, Coming through- PlayTape Classic Rail Series- Here, There, Everywhere!

With all the goodies out for kids these days, it’s hard to impress me. However, the PlayTape Classic Rail Series is something so genius, #boymoms (and #girlmoms!)everywhere can rejoice.

Despite throwing charity donation birthday parties and going very light on Christmas, the toy pile seems to stack up at my house. And I don’t think Landon plays with any of his stacks of toys except for a little collection of monster trucks and trains. I say pack up for church, and he literally fills his backpack so it doesn’t zip and topples him over like a little turtle. Anytime it gets suspiciously quiet, I can usually see him playing on the floor, taking his trains and trucks back and forth, amazingly content. (Sometimes when it is suspiciously quiet, it’s for something not so innocent and safe, haha!)

When it comes to packing trains and cars up, we take it seriously!

When it comes to packing trains and cars up, we take it seriously!

While he loves driving his cars and trains, I haven’t bought him a road system yet. He’s played with a few at friends houses and the plastic is either to flimsy or the wood doesn’t stick right. I think it’s frustrating to him at this point to have to put together to use, since it would have to go away after each playtime.

When I saw the PlayTape Classic Rail Series, it was love at first sight! It doesn’t take room up, doesn’t result in a huge bin of (expensive) tracks being not so gently dumped on our hardwood floor, and is ready to play whenever. And it’s totally affordable!

My mind was reeling with OMG, let’s put this everywhere!

On our porch floor so he isn’t constantly trying to carry his huge playmat through the door (and spills the dog’s water dish every single time!) and is ready to go when it’s morning coffee (me) and play time (him).

For birthday parties, this would be so cute and inexpensive for both games and décor!

I also have a great table we’ve been using to store toy bins in that I’ve been wanting to finish as a train table. So much easier than trying to create a table using paint.

We decided to put it in the camper for our trip this weekend, because after the sunshine and non-stop running around, he needs that quiet unwinding time. Assisted by our dog, who also claims to like trains (to eat) we stuck a very basic square quickly on the table. You could really go nuts though between the curved pieces and straight runs… turn abouts, winding train roads…

train supplies

The tape truly is removable for shifting or full on removing. Not like the crinkles and looks junky if you try to move- it’s serious, actual, reusable. And no gunk left behind!


I love that Landon has a little play area on the road and I’m sure they’ll be lots of miles run across our table!

PlayTape would also be a great project for kids working how to do angles and measuring spaces in school. It would be fun “real life” experience for them to practice creating designs and “blueprints.”

If you check out the PlayTape website, they  also have road pieces, curves, turns, and more- even coming in different colors like purple!

I am definitely spreading the word- what a great solution for our cramped playroom at church or a play area in a classroom! For a spaces where a table is needed but a train table would be handy, this is a great solution to make it multi-functioning. And birthday presents… you bet this is a new go-to.

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