the Habit Burger Grill

I was recently invited to bring the kids to a special event at the Habit Burger Grill in Rockville. We received a meal and information about the Habit Burger Grill brand in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. As a mom it can … [Read more...]

Refreshing Salads for Picnics

With Charlie taking up karting, we'll be spending a lot of time together as a family at the track. The only bad part is that there really aren't any restaurants near by that we can run and grab a meal from. There is a great little BBQ place that will … [Read more...]

Favorite Flavors of Ireland

I was sent a copy of the book Favorite Flavors of Ireland and a coupon for KerryGold to facilitate my review. My opinion is my own. With today being Saint Patrick's Day, it is only fitting that I bring you something filled with love of the Irish. … [Read more...]

Growing Up in the Garden

It’s spring at last! Well, it feels like it today anyway even if it’s unofficial per the calendar. However, it is at least time to think about spring and get to growing. I have had my little garden for 6 years now- once as an engaged girl, one as … [Read more...]

Chicken Parm With Love

With daycare bills and car payments swallowing my husband and I’s paychecks and a cram packed schedule to match, it’s hard to think how we can really help out in community with seemingly so little to offer. However, through our church we found an … [Read more...]

Morning Muffins!

The recipe for Landon's favorite morning muffins started in the frozen foods aisle of Safeway, where on that particular week Eggo minis were not on sale. They were $4.26. I, a coupon-o-holic, refused to pay more than $2.00 I took a stand and refused … [Read more...]

15 Hearty Beef Recipes

Winter has finally hit the east coast. We've finally had snow flurries here in Maryland. But next will be enough snow to close in for a day or so. I'm kind of waiting for that. I like the days when we can all be together and snuggle up on the couch … [Read more...]

Our Meal Makeover Resolution

 My husband and I don’t persay have “Resolutions” for the New Year, but we do just have little goals that we keep in mind. Okay, in mind and printed out on the refrigerator. We sit and plan out our vacation days (lots of camping ahead!), … [Read more...]

10 Different Spaghetti Recipes

We all know that there is the quick and easy Spaghetti recipes. The ones were you boil some noodles and just heat up some sauce. But what if you wanted a different type of spaghetti? A recipe that includes something different? More healthy? Homemade … [Read more...]

Butternut Squash AND Apple AND Carrot Soup!

  The Butternut Squash in my garden did really well this year… so well in fact that I have a whole crate waiting for me to create them into something! We’ve run the gamut of everything from mac-n-cheese to my now somewhat famous in our … [Read more...]