The Final Word on Miss Violet

I have allowed the comments to keep going because I feel that everyone involved should be able to speak without being deleted. This could have been solved very quickly by talking to us. Some have said we should have done more research before we … [Read more...]

The Miss Violet, Intention Yarns Club Saga Continues

I'd like to start by fully addressing some issues brought up in the comments on the first post. Yarn Clubs in General and Indie Dyers: I would not say this has soured me on yarn clubs or indie dyers. While I have not purchased another membership … [Read more...]

Miss Violet and Intentions Yarn Club

I'm irked. Okay beyond irked I'm pissed. I have been knitting for almost 4 years. Just after learning to knit I started listening to the Lime And Violet Podcast. I loved the candor. Loved the humor albeit somewhat vulgar at times. And mostly I loved … [Read more...]

There’s One Word for This . . .

It’s BLISS! I finally got some knitting finished. I used my Intention Yarns first club shipment to make myself a Scrunchable Scarf. Oh and is it fabulous. So soft and fluffy.    I am anxiously awaiting our  next shipment. But while … [Read more...]

Needle Felting

I had a blast this weekend needle felting. I ran over to Crazy For Ewe where Ellen taught us how to needle felt. It was such fun (Even with the broken needles and punctured fingers ROFL) Ellen did an awesome job of teaching us. My birdie needs a … [Read more...]


I joined the Intentions Yarns Spirit Stitching Club. We got our first club shipment and I'm in BLISS. It's such a wonderful concept. We're waiting on our patterns and newsletter due to some technical issues. I can't wait to see what else is in store … [Read more...]

Finally Finished

Finally finished some objects.First was the Undulating Waves Scarf from Laura Nelkin. It was knit with Schaefer Heather in the Renata Tebaldi colorway. I love the concept of their yarns. This selection was named after famous women in history. You can … [Read more...]


So I'm rocking the baby to sleep when I hear the mailman show up. (Thankfully he did not ring the bell.) Come down stairs and it's pressies for ME!! My order from the Loopy Ewe has arrived. So exciting. I received a set of stitch markers: and of … [Read more...]