Summer Books for All Ages

We love reading but I also love activity books. You know the ones that encourage you to do something, make something or make you think a little more. If they can combine some of my favorite things then I'm even happier. With this in mind I wanted to … [Read more...]

Summer STEM Learning with SPRK+ and Best Buy

Last year Charlie participated in a summer STEM program at a college in North Carolina. He really loved it but this year we have so much traveling and racing scheduled that we just can't make it work. So I've been looking at different ways to get him … [Read more...]

Upgrade the Laundry Room with LG and Best Buy

Charlie does our laundry at this point. It's nice because I don't have to climb to the basement to do it. The bad part is that he doesn't always remember to do it. Last weekend we had family over for a huge party. The morning before I woke up and was … [Read more...]

Pixar Production Pipeline & The Next Generation of Cars 3 Cars

We all love watching movies but do you ever really think about how they are made? Live action films I can say are one breed. They get a story, develop a script and film it. Of course they make tweaks here and there and reshoot scenes that don't look … [Read more...]

MYCHANIC Making It Easy for DIY Mechanics

It's no secret that I've been taking on more and more of the car duties in our house. The biggest thing is that I spend so much time working on Charlie's kart that I've learned more than I ever imagined I would. I've been able to learn how to change … [Read more...]

Amazon Prints is REALLY worth the try!’ $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

I love having physical photos of the kids and they love having them. While I love the school photos that we all get, its time to take our digital photos to a physical print too. Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post and providing prizes for the … [Read more...]

Toys for Summer Trips Thanks to Flipazoo

It's hard to be a work at home/stay at home mom during the summer. It's hard because we're in charge of doing it all for the kids and the family and making it fun. This year I want to focus less on the electronics and more on creative activities for … [Read more...]

Being a Girly Girl in a Boy World

I love our little family. We have a strong bond and while we have our issues (who doesn't?) we will always be there for each other. The one thing that is hard is to allow Rachael to be Rachael. I know that sounds bad but it's hard. I'm not a girly … [Read more...]

Surprizamals Revealed

While at TTPM we found quite a few companies that we were excited to be working with. My favorite PR firm was there and they of course had several clients there but one we didn't get a chance to see was Surprizamals! Thankfully for us we came home to … [Read more...]

Easy Gardening with My Fairy Garden

A year or so ago, Rachael and I fell in love with the idea of fairy gardens. We went to the nursery and bought all the parts to make one. The problem is it was really expensive, we had flowers that didn't live and it didn't wind up looking as cute as … [Read more...]