BellaBeat Leaf: A New Fitness Tracker

I was sent a BellaBeat Leaf to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

As a woman, I often get told that I need to lose weight or work out more or get more steps in. But there are few companies that look at a woman with a difference than men and there is a difference when either gender is trying to do any of the above. For me I need to focus more on being active. I need a reminder to stop blogging and move a little bit. I have used other fitness trackers in the past but so far I have not found a tracker that will prompt me to move. I had seen ads for the BellaBeat Leaf on Facebook and was curious. I was excited to learn more about how it is more than just a fitness tracker.

I have a hard time with trackers that can only be worn on the wrist. I work in the public schools and I just can’t wear them. My hands are constantly in water or other things. So I liked that the BellaBeat Leaf can be worn on a bracelet, as a necklace, on my waistband or even my shirt.

What a great mail day! Got my @bellabeat today and already set up. #ad

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I really love the simplicity and beauty of the Leaf. It’s not a typical look and I love that. It is a noticeable design though and I was asked this morning at Starbucks how I liked my Leaf. So I told her to come check out this post but that so far I’m loving it.

So there are a few things that I think the Leaf does better than any other tracker I’ve tried before and the first one is sleep mode. Every other tracker has hurt me while I slept. The Leaf suggests using it on your night shirt and it’s been super comfy there even with me sleeping on my stomach. The other big difference is that the Leaf will help you track your menstrual cycles and even tell you when you are the most fertile. While we are definitely not looking at pregnancy ever again, it is nice to know when that time is coming. It helps me prepare for the PMS symptoms.

So how is the Leaf working other than the sleep mode?

bellabeat leafThis was from the other day. Now I will say that I think with every tracker you will have some discrepancy when you wear it in a different place. This day I wore it on my waistband and I think that was a bad place for me. It read that I did almost the same amount of steps working in the cafeteria as I did walking the kids home from the bus stop. But the next day I tested it again and wore it clipped to my shirt. OH Man did those steps suddenly jump!

Are you looking for a tracker that is more than a tracker and a better fit for a woman? I would highly suggest the BellaBeat Leaf.

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