Violet Seriously?

Lime and Violet call it quits? So supposedly Violet’s getting death threats. I’m not going to say it didn’t happen. I will say I certainly didn’t send them and that there are crazy people out there because I got some too over  the last few months. But instead of saying Poor Me, I fought back. I pinpointed where the person was and if need be I would contact the appropriate authorities. But personally it’s not worth it for me.

I hope all those people that were standing up for Violet a few months ago see that we were right. This has been an ongoing theme in Violet’s life. OH pretty, start something and then let it go with no explanation. I can understand her wanting to close her own boards. Bu there was no reason to delete the LimenViolet board on Ravelry. No that was her way of trying to make this part of her life completely disappear. Unfortunately for her I’m not willing to take down anything I have said. So yeah if you Google her eventually you will find me.  Hopefully the poor suckers that get sucked in next will Google and see what they’re getting into.

Nothing like a big FU from a person that you supported, listened to, gave money and presents to. Even changing threads in the Ravelry form to have discussion titles like “wow, I’m an ass” In closing the boards they also left people hanging that had been participating in a swap. I for one would be more than pissed now that I have no way to contact those involved.

So Violet Seriously? Did you really have to delete everything? Forget the death threats, put on your big girl panties and grow the hell up.