Vacation Spots on the East Coast

The east coast is a wonderful place to vacation no matter what you are looking for. From the beach to the mountains to the big cities and small towns, the east coast offers the best of everything. If you are thinking about visiting the east coast, here are some really Vacation Spots on the East Coast to put on your itinerary before you leave:


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


There is a reason that this beach has been popular for what seems like forever. The combination of entertainment and cozy beaches makes both parents and kids happy. There truly is something here for everyone. Plan a trip to this wonderful place and you will return sooner rather than later.

Topsail Island, North Carolina

This awesome little island is located just a bit down from popular Wilmington but it offers up something special. It has tons of history, privacy and small town enjoyment. If you want to find a beach that will feel like home, this is a great place to visit on the regular.


Pinehurst, North Carolina

If you play golf, you simply have to visit this wonderful town and sample all the incredible courses. It is well worth the stop if you are anywhere nearby on the east coast.

New York City

Come on guys. It is the Big Apple and it will always be a centerpiece of the east coast. If you are here, you have to plan a trip to New York for a million different reasons.


Daytona Beach, Florida

Yet another gorgeous beach that also happens to be a playground for fun, Daytona is a great place to go if you simply want to cut loose. The beaches are incredible here and the water is gorgeous. Spend some time looking around the city itself as well though. There are many hidden treasures.

Hanging Rock Park, North Carolina

It is not always brought up in traveling circles, but it should be. This awesome mountain can be fully scaled in an hour or two and you will see for miles from the various spots up high. If you love the mountains, this is the place for you. There are so many things to do in this park that you will be planning a return trip just to be sure you fit it all in.


These are only a handful of the wonderful options on the east coast. What other places have you visited that you love on the east coast? Share with us in the comments below!