Traveling with a Tween: Hendricks Motorsports

You may have seen the big announcement the other day over on Facebook, Charlie and I are all alone this summer. Rachael is off to North Carolina with my parents and she’s having a blast but it means that we get to do some travel just the two of us. So this summer we will have a special Traveling with a Tween series. We’re going to visit some of our favorite places and also visit some new spots. Our first travel spot was to North Carolina. We did this as a whole family but there were a few places that were just me and Charlie or Charlie, Steve, and me. We headed to the Charlotte area first to hit Hendricks Motorsports. (Note that all of our travel unless specified was not sponsored. We just want to share what’s working for us this summer!)

As Charlie is a huge NASCAR fan we started our adventure at his favorite spot. Hendricks Motorsports. Hendricks was an amazing start to our traveling. First off you have to know that its open to anyone. There is no need to make a reservation and its completely free. Once on the complex you can chose to go into one of three buildings. Two are the home buildings/garages for the Hendricks drivers and the other is the Hendricks museum and gift shop.

We started looking at the amazing fountain that lays between to the two garage buildings. This fountain has several names and sayings surrounding it. They are all people important to the Hendricks family that have passed too soon.

hendricks motorsportsNext up we decided to save the best for last and headed into the building for Kasey Kane and Chase Elliott.

Inside these buildings you see trophies that current and past drivers have won including Championships!

You can see the team working on cars that will be used in future races in the garage area as well as cars that have previously ran races.

After thoroughly making Charlie wait we headed to the next building. That would be the home of the garage for Dale Jr. We’re sad to hear he’s retiring this year but fully understand that he has to make the best decision for him and Amy.

In the last building you can see several other cars as this is the Hendricks museum. It even includes the Cole Trickle car from Days of Thunder. We haven’t let Charlie watch it yet because well that sugar packet scene is a little much for him but Steve just recorded it. You can also purchase items from all of the teams.

That side panel is NOT coming home with us!

These 2 checkered flags did come home with us!

Where shall we travel to next? Come back next week as we visit some more of North Carolina and visit some more sites. Check out our Instagram too as we will be traveling all summer!

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