Toys for Summer Trips Thanks to Flipazoo

It’s hard to be a work at home/stay at home mom during the summer. It’s hard because we’re in charge of doing it all for the kids and the family and making it fun. This year I want to focus less on the electronics and more on creative activities for the kids. I’m loving some of the newest toys I’ve seen come out and thought it would be great to check out some of the toys for summer trips. We’ll be traveling a lot since Rachael will be in North Carolina and Charlie and I will be traveling back and forth so he can still race. Lots of fun coming right! Hours in the car with my boy! This is a sponsored post by Flipazoo. I was sent a selection of products to compliment my article.

  1. The first tip I have for toys for summer trips is to find toys that you can interact with as well. I may be driving but I can still have a conversation with a hippo or polar bear while the kids are playing. Flipazoo
  2. Make sure they’re portable. Nothing’s worse than finding a toy your child loves but its so big that it will get take up the entire car. 
  3. Skip the lovies. That’s right leave that security item at home. It’s hard for even me to say this since I’m currently remaking Charlie’s beloved blank. BUT there is nothing worse than getting home and finding that you’ve lost the lovie somewhere in a different state. Flipazoo
  4. Make the toys portable. Finding something that is small but creative is key. I have showcased a few of these already this month including Surprizamals!
  5. Make them cost efficient. As I said in Number 3, you will probably lose a toy or two so make sure they are something that can be replaced without breaking the bank.

A toy that we have found that covers all these bases are the Flipazoo line. These toys are changeable so its two toys in one. As I said I can talk with a polar bear or golden hippo much more easily than I can a truck or doodle set. Flipazoo comes in different sizes and range in price from $14.99 for 7 small Flipazoo and a blind bag to $19.99 for a large plush. They do have them in blind bags and these of course are all the craze right now. Because there are more than one series, they’re perfect for collecting. Make sure you purchase your Flipazoo from a trusted retailer.


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