The Secret World of Arrietty

Steve works a lot. So most of the time, the kids and I do our own thing. We usually attend blog events without Steve because he’s either working or sleeping. It kind of stinks that he’s not able to attend certain things with us but we make every possible allowance so he can. But every once in awhile an event will come along that he has to attend.

The preview screening for The Secret World of Arrietty was just that. I mentioned in passing that I was going to turn down the screening because I felt it was a little over the kids heads. At which point Steve said HEY what about me! I want to go. So Saturday morning found us sitting in a theater while the snow fell outside.

The Secret World of Arrietty is based on the book The Borrowers by Mary Norton. The movie opens as Shawn arrives to rest at his aunt’s home before having heart surgery. His parents are divorced/divorcing and his mother is too busy to spend time with him which upsets Aunt Jessica. As Shawn gets out of the car he notices the cat peeking into the bushes. This is where Shawn gets his first glimpse of Arrietty. And this is where we get a first glimpse at the amazing anime. While the people and animals have a definite anime quality, the plants and certain features (like the dollhouse) have almost life like qualities.

Shawn’s grandfather made a dollhouse for the little people with Shawn’s mother who always dreamed of seeing the house lived in. Arrietty, who is smaller than a drinking glass, goes on her first borrowing mission with her father. Using double sided tape to climb, Arrietty and her father try to track down the items that Arrietty’s mother needs and in the process gets seen again by Shawn. Arrietty’s mother, who can be overly dramatic, lends for some laughs with her mannerisms.

I have to say the best scene for me was when Arrietty is speaking with Shawn through a window screen and is attacked by a crow. The crow gets stuck in the window screen. While the crow thrashes about, Hara (voiced by Carol Burnett) comes in and beats the crow.

I would suggest taking children that are a little older (7-8 and up) to see The Secret World of Arrietty. While Charlie enjoyed it, it was a little over Rachael’s head.

Thank you to Disney and Allied Press for letting me view a screening of The Secret World of Arrietty.