The Broken Circle

book-1-imageEvery once in a while a PR rep will contact me and I have to stop and think really? Did they just email this to me? Its perfect for me! When I was asked to review The Broken Circle I jumped. I mean how could I not want to read a book, and a book about knitting witches?!?!

So I took a glance, headed over to the Pot Luck Yarn website and ordered a skein of yarn. Because well if I’m going to read this book I wanted to truly immerse myself. I wanted to get involved in a review. A huge part of The Broken Circle is learning the story of the 12 witches and seeing how they use their magic to spin, knit and make magic happen. Each of the characters has a little something that is special to them. Ratta has her never-ending shawl and The Land of Dreams Scarf. This was the pattern I decided to take on. I wanted something that I could work on while in the car and when switching back and forth between reading the book. I also wanted something that wouldn’t take me too long as I knew I had to share with my readers how in love or not in love I was with not only The Broken Circle but also the companion patterns. I fell in love with the color way called Tear Drop Lake. So I ordered it and lucky for me the books and my skein of yarn came the same day. So I immersed myself in reading.

Learning the characters, learning their abilities and seeing how their magic world was in danger and was going to change. The Broken Circle sends you to a long ago time when knitting, spinning, tending sheep and making medicinal tinctures were a common day thing. For a person like me who would love to believe this all still happens on a daily basis is great. I loved reading how the low lands and high lands would fight and how the middle lands would be well stuck in the middle. But even more is the start of the 12 and how they will turn the world right side around. I finally finished the book and my scarf. And now I wait. I wait for the second book to come out. I’m waiting for the third book to come out. Why? Because I can’t wait to see what will happen and how this story will end. Will all be saved?


Pre-blocking in the middle of knitting.


All finished. If I can keep it away from Rachael I may actually wear this one. Its so silky!

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