What a Week!

Monday I knew, just knee that my spinning wheel was going to come in. Low and behold it did. But we have a postal contractor which means he drives his personal car to deliver our mail. Spinning wheel+Big box+Toyota Camry=A slip in the mailbox to pick it up. Tuesday comes and Steve was nice enough to grab it for me. He gets it hope I pull all the pieces out and was shocked to find quite a bit of wool in the box too. YAHOOO! Practice roving before I start using the good stuff.

Get all the pieces put together and start spinning when things go awry. Look up some information and it appears that we’re missing a tiny clamp. So no spinning Tuesday. Wednesday the crud hit me like a bug into the windshield. Splat all but knocked me out. Steve did take the treadle to the hardware store but had no luck finding a clamp small enough for me. The plan was then to go yesterday morning to the auto store to see if they have a fuel line clamp that will work. Only problem, Steve took the van and forgot to leave the treadle for me. Finally last night I was able to get a clamp but by the time we got home it was too late to do anything with it. Plus remember I’m feeling rather crudy still so I just wanted sleep.

This morning I got Charlie on the school bus and came right home to check it out. YES finally we have a clamp that will work as long as I clamp it in the right spot. The result this Frantic Mommy has had quite a bit of quiet time as she’s been spinning for the last 30 minutes. Now the wheel is a little finicky and I’m working on getting the technique down on it but I get to spin!!