Bestek Electric Pressure Cooker Giveaway

Everyone has heard about the Electric Pressure cooker craze. I recently got one for myself. I've found so many wonderful recipes including ones that are gluten free! My favorite is a ground beef enchilada casserole. Yum!! I joined up with other … [Read more...]

VPulse Light Up Speaker Giveaway

If you are a music fan, you know it's all about getting the best sound. I've tried hundreds of speakers and absolutely lovebtrsting new ones. I rather like the idea of this VPulse light up speaker. You can read more about my review here One … [Read more...]

The Queen is Coming to Tea Giveaway

Summer time is the perfect time to enjoy some special time with the kids. I've been spending most of my time with Charlie since Rachael is visiting my parents. But I went down last week to spend some time with her and also spend some time with my … [Read more...]

National Ice Cream Day Giveaway with Thirty One

Welcome to the National Ice Cream Day Giveaway! We are so excited to be able to celebrate this with Thirty-One Gifts and their newest Sprinkles print which is only available for the month of July! I love their bags and have several different ones. We … [Read more...]

BenQ Reading Lamp Giveaway

BenQ Reading LED Desk Lamp Giveaway BUTTON Sponsored by: BenQ Hosted by: Java John Z’s Read Java John Z's review HERE I love reading but I'm getting old and need more light and my glasses when I do. This reading lamp should provide … [Read more...]

Spiderman Homecoming Giveaway

We just let Charlie watch the first Spiderman movie last weekend. Charlie absolutely loved it. The emotion when Ben Parker dies was overwhelming! I can't wait to watch the newest movie Spiderman Homecoming in theaters now! Sponsored by Sony … [Read more...]

Cute Aluminum Signs Giveaway

Life is all about being customized these days. We customize our laptops with snazzy cases. We customize our cars with bumper stickers and more. We customize our homes with curtains and furniture but the walls are even more customized. I've seen great … [Read more...]

Sick Just Got Real Giveaway

It's hard to be a mom and make sure you keep your kids in tip top shape. When they're sick it's even harder. Charlie will be having minor surgery on Wednesday and I'm worried about it. The biggest thing is the amount of pain I already know he will be … [Read more...]

Huge 4 Winner #Giveaway

Nothing I love more than sharing a great giveaway with you guys. I'm loving this huge 4 winner giveaway because we have so much to share with you guys. That's right we will have 4 winners so make sure you follow the rules and enter. It's Free … [Read more...]