CBS Cares: Gone Wrong

Last night Steve and I cuddled up on the couch to watch some of our DVRd programs. First up (since the kids were still up) was Undercover Boss. I absolutely love this show. This week was Diamond Resorts (I could do a whole other post about how big of an egotistical idiot I think the CEO is but back to where I was.) So we get through the first session and head into the first set of commercials. Normally I just fast forward through them but low and behold Ozzy was on. So I stopped to watch.  I happen to love Sharon Osbourne. She has such guts. I love that their marriage has stayed strong through all these years. But anyway here’s the commercial:

SPEECHLESS! I sat stunned for several minutes. I love that CBS has a whole series promotion health but really who wants to “Win” a trip to New York for a colonoscopy? Call me nuts but if someone is going to be searching my nether regions for polyps and cancer, I kind of want to know them, know all about them and maybe just maybe have them approved by my primary before I get there. CBS could have done a much better job at promoting colonoscopies and how important they are.

What are your thoughts? Shocked like me? Or think its a great idea?