Surgery Outlook is Dim

The good news is with the new diet and being more careful what I’m eating and using the Body Media Fit Armband I’m actually losing a little weight on my own. It’s definitely not the going to be the cure all and I’m not going to be a size 2 without medical help.

But on the surgery side of things I’ve gotten rather disheartened. I told you a few weeks about the problems I was having with getting an appointment to see the mental health people. Well I went back to my primary for my month 2 check in. At that time we decided it was best for me to just move forward with my mental health evaluation at the Hospital Center. It means taking another day off from work because of course none of this can be scheduled on the same day but if its what I have to do I’ll do it. So I called and left a message, 24 hours go by and nothing, 48, 60 hours still nothing. So I left a total of 3 messages over 3 weeks and got no response about making this appointment. I called back to the surgery clinic and asked them what I should do. She transferred me to the nursing coordinator for the program where I left yet another message. Still no return phone call. I figure I’ll call both places on Monday and see what happens. Otherwise I have an appointment on the 12th of July for my nutritionist appointment and will ask then. It’s a little harder for them to tell someone to their face that they can’t help you or make an appointment.

With all of that I’ve been a little down lately. It’s been hard to keep moving when you feel like there is something weighing on you. This past week was especially rough. I had gotten into a pretty great routine as far as drinking protein shakes but this week I had jury duty. We won’t go into what a fiasco that in and of itself was but I wasn’t able to do my shakes because I wasn’t home and the kids were sleeping when I left. Lunch I tried to be good with but there weren’t a whole lot of options. The “cafeteria” at the courthouse was outrageously expensive (UMM Hello they charged me 50 cents for two packets of ketchup and was snotty and rude about it.) So we ate at a fast food joint each day. Because of the length of my drive I wasn’t comfortable with packing lunches. Its a 110 mile round trip. But dinner was really good all week.

So if I’m quiet or don’t respond, part of it is because I’m down about the whole thing. I really want to move forward and get all the little details done as best/fast as I can so that when surgery time comes I’m ready to really rock and roll.

Are you on a weight loss kick as well? What are you doing to loss the weight?