Sneak Peek Nintendo Switch and Game Review

We got to go to a Sneak Peek Nintendo Switch event. We were not compensated for this event, just wanted to see how the new game system would work. If you’re in an area where they are having a Sneak Peek Nintendo Switch event I would highly suggest you go. It was a fun morning for us. We got to test new games, check out the system in every one of it’s different modes and Charlie and Rae won a hat!

The first thing I noticed about the Nintendo Switch was that it’s extremely small. This is great since the system can be hooked to a TV for family or party gaming or taken on the go for solo playing. I love that the kids will be able to take it with them and keep their same great games.

@nintendo Switch is so small! #nintendoswitch

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The controllers connect together to make a regular game controller or attach to the console slide out to make a portable system.


sneak peek nintendo switchThe best thing is the amount of games that are available for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out a full list of Nintendo Switch Games. While at the Sneak Peek Nintendo Switch event, we got to test out several games and even got to see some others play as well. All around the event space there were games set up as well as Nintendo Ambassadors to help you move along. Where do you think we started?

First choice on @nintendo Switch? @skylandersthegame of course! #nintendoswitch

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Skylanders Imaginators of course! The difference between the Wii and Nintendo Switch is no extra cords. No portal. Yep NO PORTAL! You simply place your character on top of your right joystick on the controller. It acts as a portal and you change your character quickly.

We watched as a father and son played one of the new 1-2 Switch games and then played Quick Draw as well. With these games you each hold a portion of the controller, stare each other down and react. So with the milking game the goal is to use the controller as a cow teat and milk the cow the fastest. With Quick Draw you stare at each other and listen for the FIRE! then raise your arm and shoot your opponent.

Milk a cow with the #nintendoswitch @nintendo

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Staring each other down:

The face! Quick draw on @nintendo #nintendoswitch

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We played Mario Kart and some other games as well but I think the one we had the most fun with was Splatoon 2. In this one you work as a team (requires internet access!) to cover the ground with your color paint. At the end whoever has covered the most ground wins!

Playing Splatoon 2 @nintendo #nintendoswitch

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Now Charlie and Rae had never played Splatoon before (We bought it on the way home though) so I think they did okay:

Not bad on the first round. @nintendo #nintendoswitch

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The Nintendo Switch and all associated games arrive on March 3rd! And look forward to a Sneak Peek Nintendo Switch event in your area!