Skylanders for Christmas

We love Skylanders. We’ve said probably a 1000 times by now. But they are the best for Christmas. They make great stocking stuffers and there’s more to it than just the video game. This month we received two special boxes from Skylanders and we’re excited to show them off.

Our first one was this set

No school means we can play @skylandersthegame today! #ad

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These are for the new Skylanders Imaginators game. It includes a new Sensei and Creation stone. The kids have been having so much fun testing out the different ways to create their own Skylanders and I love that its something they can do together.

We of course have every version of the Skylanders games starting from the very first one. I love that the characters can move from one game to the next so I don’t have to constantly buy new characters in order to play. (Of course we buy new ones because they have new options and new abilities!)

We also received this amazing collector’s edition book:



The kids have been fighting over who gets to read it first each day. Its filled with hints and information about the game and has helped the kids play more.