Should You Keep a Gun In Your Home?

There is a pretty great story from when I was little that involved, sneaking downstairs, moving chairs and climbing cabinets in order to get cookies in the middle of the night. Because of that my parents had discussions about gun safety. You see my parents woke up to the noise and my dad met me in the middle of the stairs. Its been a topic that Steve and I have discussed too. Steve grew up hunting and around guns. I didn’t.

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Are you considering having a gun in the home? There are both pros and cons to keeping a gun at your house – weigh both sides of the decision before making your purchase. Also, make sure to find out about local gun laws and any licensing you may need.

Benefit of Having a Gun in the House: Feeling Safe and Protected

You’ll have extra protection against an intruder. Many people feel safer just by knowing there’s a gun in the house. People who worry about not being able to properly protect themselves find that having a gun nearby quells that worry. This is especially true if one person is far from home – they may feel safer knowing that their loved one has protection if something should happen.

Are You Really Always Protected?

Unfortunately, what some people don’t realize is that if you can use a gun against an intruder, it’s possible that the intruder can confiscate the gun and use it against you as well. If someone comes into your home and doesn’t have a weapon, the situation can become even more dangerous should they get their hands on your weapon – you’d be completely defenseless.

Drawback of Keeping a Gun at Home: Children May Not Be Safe

It may be difficult to keep your gun away from children. Kids are resourceful and often find things that you never imagined they would. Ideally, you should keep your gun locked in a safe and the key shouldn’t be accessible to anybody – better yet, have a combination lock on the safe instead of a key lock. Still, though, some children to manage to get hold of the weapon, which can be dangerous even if it’s not loaded. If you are going to keep a gun in the home, make sure that you teach your children about weapon safety and the danger guns pose.

If you do opt to keep a gun in the home, remember to learn how to use it properly and safely. Owning a gun can be a great asset when used properly, or a dangerous weapon when not used correctly. You can learn here about gun safety.