ShipSmart Complaints | ShipSmart Reviews

I decided the last time we moved that the next time we move we will be using a moving company. Does anyone have any  ShipSmart complaints? It takes a lot to make all those boxes, load them in the trucks and then unload them. Of course there was also the fact that the last time we tried to move, Steve severely injured his ankle. I’m talking 4 shades of purple, 3 sizes to big and an 1.5 in the ER with his mom waiting in the waiting room with me. It was pure torture. Steve had injured his ankle on the first night of packing and hadn’t told me the extent of it.

With the idea of moving always looming in my head I worry about getting our items safely from one home to another. The next time we move we will likely be moving out of the state of Maryland. North Carolina is desperately calling my name. My parents have a home there that they will be retiring to in a couple of years. Becaquse of that I want to get out of here. Plus there’s the fact that the cost of living is so much less there than here. I can see Steve getting a small job somewhere just for extra cash and me still working for the same company. One of the great things about working from home is that your job goes wherever you go.

So I’m wondering if anyone has some Shipsmart complaints or Shipsmart reviews? Just general information to get my mind thinking more about a shipping service that will get me on the safest track of moving from Maryland to wherever we might wind up. I’d love your thoughts/opinions about how to get from A to B with the least amount of damage.