Secret Clinical Strength with Adapts & Responds Technology

Is there such a thing as a normal day? With jam-packed schedules, places to be, and unpredictable stressors, let’s get real: There is no such thing as typical.

In fact, to make sense of what & how many activities, emotions and events cause changes in sweat levels throughout the day, Secret commissioned a third party, Innerscope Research. Their study showed our bodies go through more than 500 ups and downs all day, every day.

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To sense the many ups and downs of a woman’s body, Secret launched Clinical Strength with Adapts & Responds technology which absorbs odor before it starts. While some deodorants mask odor, Secret provides customized protection when you need it most by adapting & responding in three ways:

1.       Fighting odor-causing bacteria
2.       Reducing sweat
3.       Releasing fragrance to help stop odor before it starts

More so, the study results show body changes such as heart rate and skin temperature are equally caused by positive and negative stressors that trigger you to sweat instantly—up to 35 times more than regular sweat—proving you need a deodorant that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle!

Additional Research from Innerscope Research
Secret and Innerscope Research measured 80 women to understand the “day in the life” of women from a variety of demographic categories, how their bodies change over the course of the day, and which positive and negative stressors result in the most ups and downs throughout the day and therefore, have the biggest impact on sweat levels.
Did you know that:
·         Women are experiencing upwards of 500 ups and downs- every single day!
·         There are big ranges across women’s vitals, which can indicate that no two women have the same body chemistry experience.
·         The magnitude of the ups and downs, can change depending on what women are doing, or how they are feeling.
o   Mid-day has the biggest ups and downs (113% larger during 11-3pm v. rest of day). This is likely driven by mealtime and multitasking.
o   Extreme emotions ones, like excitement, frustration, overwhelmed, predictably have the biggest ups and downs. Don’t worry, though- these emotions usually don’t last long- about 46 minutes on average. Whereas emotions like “content” or “interest” last longer- over twice as long!
·         We also separated out the women into specific groups (brides, stay at home moms, working moms, frequent exercisers) to dig deeper into some particular stress-periods for these groups in particular:
o   Stay at home moms experience a lot of stress during lunch/dinner prep times. Their skin temperature is down, and their skin conductance level is up!
o   And as expected, brides to be experienced a lot of stress while doing wedding planning! On average, their skin conductance levels (an indicator of sweat) were 10x higher while doing wedding activities versus the rest of the day!