Reefs: Shoes for All Seasons

Guess what I learned today? Reef, my beloved summer flip flop brand, makes WAY more than just the comfiest flip flops in the world! I have no idea why I didn’t know this before, but now that I know, I want you to know, too!


I felt that crisp Fall air today. I wanted to pretend I didn’t feel it, but I did, enough so that I pulled out sweatshirts for my kids to wear over their shorts. I guess that means it’s time for us to do some fall clothes and shoe shopping. In the past I’d be holding out just a few more weeks before packing my reefs away. But not this year, I’m itchin’ to pick out new fall reef styles at!

 winter wall reefs

These Winter Wall skater high tops that come in lavender (my favorite!) and grey would look so sweet with leggings, or skirts, or skinny jeans! They’re casually cute, but have just the right touch of sass! If you like these (and who wouldn’t!?!?), you will love so many of the girls’ fall and winter styles!

deck hand reefs


Check out these guys’ Deck Hand shoes. They come in TWELVE (12!!!) colors! This bright blue is my favorite—they’re surely make a statement that you know what looks fresh when you see it!


 high tropic reefs

If you’re looking for something a little bit more on the dressy side of things, Reef has the right shoe for you. This was, perhaps, the biggest surprise of all for me! Now I can wear my Reefs from the poolside to the romantic sunset dinner at night with these dressy Reefs.


 kudu reefs

Your date can wear Reef Kudus to match your look in comfort and style! No more complaining that he’d rather be wearing his beat up old tennis shoes when you are wearing your styling best! These are just dressy enough to look right on a night out on the town, but they have none of that stuffiness to go with them!

 mayan sunset reefs


Of course—if you are already dreaming of warmer days to come—just a few seasons away—it’s never too early to buy some beautiful and comfortable Reef sandals!


Or some sporty Reefs for your favorite guy!