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Summer time is the perfect time to enjoy some special time with the kids. I’ve been spending most of my time with Charlie since Rachael is visiting my parents. But I went down last week to spend some time with her and also spend some time with my parents. One of Rachael’s favorite things is to read. She absolutely adores reading. In fact while down there, she has gone through at least 15 books. She’s so proud of herself. I was excited to bring her a new book to read. We were sent a copy of The Queen is Coming to Tea for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

I love the soft colors in the illustrations. They’re also significantly detailed as well. Add to that the story is just so dang sweet.


When Ellie finds out the Queen is coming to tea, she snaps to attention! With her best friend, Langley the Elephant, Ellie travels to Paris, China, Italy, and New York to make sure they have everything they need for tea with the Queen. But will the Queen patiently wait? And what exactly will be waiting for the Queen?

Rachael adored the book and spending time just chilling and reading. She’s been working hard on some sewing projects down at my parents house and this month she actually completed a TeePee using this TeePee DIY tutorial. She did make a few changes by using scraps of fleece to make her walls but it came out really cute. Its the perfect size for her to read in and it its perfectly on my parents front porch!

Here’s a great tea recipe for your littles:
Peach Mango White Iced Tea Recipe

4 Cups Water
3 White Tea Bags
1 Peach
½ Cup Chopped Frozen Mango
1 tbsp sugar plus Sugar to Taste

Boil the 6 cups of water; remove from heat
Steep the tea bags about 5 minutes; remove bags and allow tea to cool to room temperature
Add chopped peaches and mango to a mixing bowl and mix with sugar; let fruit soften
Place fruit in pitcher and pour cooled tea on top; add sugar to taste and stir
Chill and serve

The best part is Source Books wants your little ones to enjoy a cup of tea while reading The Queen is Coming to Town and are giving not only a copy of the book but also a child’s tea set! queen is coming to tea

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