Cute Aluminum Signs Giveaway

Life is all about being customized these days. We customize our laptops with snazzy cases. We customize our cars with bumper stickers and more. We customize our homes with curtains and furniture but the walls are even more customized. I've seen great … [Read more...]

Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators

Have you ever wondered how some of our most favorite characters were made? I know growing up I loved Curious George. He was always inquisitive, always getting into something and often causing trouble. Me to a T! Monkey Business: The Adventures of … [Read more...]

Make a Splash this Summer-Seven Cosmetic Procedures That Will Get You Swimsuit Ready

Swimsuit season can be a reason to show off the body in an itsy bitsy bikini or grab the terrycloth cover-up. Suddenly, those spider veins, bulges and sagging body parts that have been hiding under layers of winter clothes are on full display. The … [Read more...]

Daddy’s Home 2 Trailer

Daddy's Home was such a big hit for so many families. It kind of hit home with the different aspects of blended families these days. There are those families that get along great no matter what and then there are the super competitive families. You … [Read more...]

July 4th Goes Roof Top at The Embassy Row Hotel

July 4th is just days away and its the perfect time to see part of DC. The one thing I would recommend is seeing the fireworks from a different view. Everyone will be rushing the parks and open areas to see the fireworks from the ground but The … [Read more...]

Why Summer Camps for Kids Build Self Esteem

Have you ever thought about Why Summer Camps for Kids Build Self Esteem? Summer camps for kids are designed to revolutionize the way children think, talk, believe and ultimately behave. When a child believes in his ability to accomplish new goals and … [Read more...]

The Beguiled Premiere with Sophia Coppola and Nicole Kidman

Focus Features has come out with another hit movie called The Beguiled. It's in limited theaters and I can't wait to see it. I'm so used to happy family movies and mostly animated but I honestly love a good movie that is more adult in content. The … [Read more...]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy E3 trailer

If you're like me you grew up with Sonic and Crash Bandicoot. With nostalgia being a big selling point right now, many companies are bringing our favorites back. Yesterday I told you all about Toys Making a Comeback. Today I get to share the latest … [Read more...]

Landline from Amazon Studios Starring Edie Falco

I love finding new movies and shows to watch. What I love even more is that there are so many small studios coming back out with new movies and shows. I just learned about Landline from Amazon Studios. Amazon Studios will release LANDLINE in theaters … [Read more...]

Welcome to Our Youth: Toys Are Making a Comeback

We've all seen those silly posts, things a child from the 80s couldn't live without or this is a blast from the past. Well there really is a resurgence especially with toys making a comeback. We recently found that several of our favorite toys are … [Read more...]