Operation Beautiful

Have you ever felt less than beautiful? I seem to live that way but that’s due to some underlying issues that I can’t overcome until there is a cure. Steve however lets me know that I am beautiful to him.

I have never shrunk away from telling my story about my weight. I have a combination of medical issues that make losing weight and keeping it off almost impossible. At 19 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome along with that came some other lovely problems. I also live daily with insulin resistance, hypothyroidism and celiac disease. Separately these items can be dealt with diet and/or medications but in combination with each other it is much more difficult. So I will never be a size 2, hell I’ll never be a size 16 and that’s fine by me. Other then the issues above, I am healthy. I have no blood pressure, cholesterol issues or heart issues. Yes I faced infertility because of the PCOS and promote getting help from the get go if you have been diagnosed but overall my life has been relatively unaffected. My quality of life has not been reduced other then the way society sees me.

Recently I had a discussion with another blogger about the TV show More To Love.  All I will say is that the conversation left me in tears and feeling like I wasn’t good enough to be a part of the group, that I was less of person and all of this was because of my size, something that I really don’t have control over. The conversation started over the idea that society has accepted people for being overweight and that no one is standing up to say that we as a country need to be healthier and to get off our butts and do more. I will proudly stand next to  the skinniest model around and scream from the mountain tops that I AM not accepted by society because of my size. If society was accepting there wouldn’t have been a show called More to Love. Those contestants would have been on the Bachelor. Not once on the Bachelor have I ever seen stats on their contestants blasted on the t.v. screen. I’m not talking about the her name is and her occupation is. I’m talking actual measurements, height and weight. There wouldn’t be a huge following for progams like the Biggest Loser.

I wouldn’t be snickered at, yelled at and made fun of in public because of my size. I would be accepted as a human being that has feelings.

Two or three days after this conversation, Steve emailed me. The email simply gave me a link and said “Honey, I love you! You are beautiful to me!” God love my husband he does do some pretty awesome things.

The link: Operation Beautiful Operation Beautiful’s mission is to end the fat talk and to participate in random acts of kindness. I have been enjoying adding to Caitlin’s mission and joining in making others feel better about themselves. I gathered a small set of flower shaped Post-Its and printed on each one the web address and the statement “You are Beautiful.” I also handed out candy bars at the recent Type-A mom conference that had labels on them with the web address and “You are Beautiful.”

Please head over to visit Caitlin and Operation Beautiful. Join in and spread some kindness to make someone know that it isn’t all about the inside. Who you are as a person is so much more then your weight, height or coloring.