Light Feels Right with Bzees Shoes

As many people know I work almost full time for a hospital, go to school part time and then run this little blog. The fact that I am at the hospital means that I’m walking a lot. Most of the days that I work I get well over my 10,000 steps in. The problem is that the wrong shoes can mean painful feet at the end of the day. And sometimes I just want to wear something different. I fell in love with Bzees shoes because the slogan is Light Feels Right. I was curious about how they were made, if they would hold up well and how the look of them was. Bzees shoes sent me a pair of their Lavish shoes in black/gray to test out. The first thing I noticed out of the box is how light the shoes were. The soles are made with air chambers. The inserts are a memory foam. And the uppers are made of a stretch material. Overall it lends to a light shoe that fits well. After work the other day I decided since the kids weren’t home I would take a walk around the neighborhood. The biggest thing is I wanted to spend some time outside before the rain came and it was still warm but not HOT.

Bzees Lavish Shoes

After a long day at work I wanted to get rid of the heavy sneakers that I wear and my Lavish shoes were the perfect fit. I received my pair in a wide width. Because of the stretch that is in the uppers, I definitely think I could have gone with a regular fit though. Once on the shoes are smooth against the skin. There is no rub or wear. The heels did not slip and that is huge for me. Since my surgery I’ve lost so much weight but the width of my foot is the same. So I no longer have the fat that goes with the wide width. This causes a big problem with any type of shoe other than a sneaker. I was thankful to see that Bzees fit differently and are well made. I’ve taken quite a few walks in them since I received them and have seen no signs of wear. The other great thing to know is that Bzees shoes are machine washable.

The Bzees Lavish shoe comes in 3 different color ways but I found the black/gray to be beautiful and subtle. Its the perfect day to night shoe.

Bzees Lavish Shoes

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