Lets Talk Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery that is. The moment I hit puberty I started gaining weight. It didn’t matter what I did, the family did, my parents did I gained weight. The one thing I can say is that my family, especially my parents always made me feel secure in myself. That’s not to say I wasn’t hurt by some of thing names I was called (sometimes still am) or the mutterings behind my back as a kid (and now). But I never cared what other people thought of me. I knew that my parents and sister loved me and that was all that matter. Hey would it have been nice to have gone on a date or two with some of the “cute” guys, yeah probably but I think because of the way I was raised I knew that while they were “cute” on the inside they weren’t exactly nice guys.

As the years passed I dated a little more. I even got married. My first husband, well I just don’t talk about him. He’s a part of the past and I prefer to leave him there. But Steve is the love of my life. We met for the first time and he says that when he saw me get out of my little purple car that he fell in love. Fell in love with a woman that was definitely overweight. At the time Steve and I started dating I wasn’t that much smaller than I am now but he loved me for me as the past 9 years have passed he hasn’t once made me feel like I am less than a woman because of my size. We enjoy a relatively active life UM Hello we have 2 small kids and we like it frantic!

But in the past few years I have thought back and forth over weight loss surgery. What it would mean to me? Would it help solve the issues surrounding me because of my weight? You see I have dieted off and on for my entire life since puberty. I have been on Weight Watchers, Slimfast, Nutrisystem, South Beach Diet, Atkins, a personal diet from Diets.com not to mention a ton of other fad diets and some of them I’ve done multiple times. With each of them I have a good weight loss the first 2 weeks and then nothing to very minimal for the next 3 months before I give up. Nutrisystem was the only one that had a better result but the cost is just too much for our family. Was the answer to my problems weight loss surgery?

The biggest answer when I first started looking into the surgery was no. Because my underlying problem isn’t that I eat too much or just gorge on the wrong things. (I do have my moments though.) The bigger issue was my PCOS. You see PCOS is due to an imbalance in hormones and honestly I think the term PCOS is rather crappy as a name since I was diagnosed with it 12 year ago and have not a single cyst on my ovaries. (Bitter much?) When I first looked into gastric surgery it was not the go to solution for PCOS women as it didn’t fix the underlying hormone issues. However as time has gone on so has medical advances. I did some more research, talked to my primary and found that indeed a combination of weight loss surgery, changes in medications and nutritional changes weight loss surgery can in fact be a solution for PCOS women.

So last month I started the process to becoming a healthier mom for my kids. For the next 5 months I will have a series of doctor’s appointments. The first one, next Monday, is a group meeting for an introduction to the surgery service I will be using. Washington Hospital Center is working to having a Center of Excellence for bariatric surgery and it was my primary doctor’s first choice for me. I have been reading tons of books, pamphlets and websites to make the right decision for me. Next Friday I get to have my second weigh-in. A necessary step for the insurance company and for the Hospital Center’s program.

What are your thoughts? Is it just the easy way out? A good way for a person that has dieted their whole life to get to a healthy weight? Are you going to stop and read as I make this Journey?