Let’s Move at the White House

If you follow us on twitter or instagram or facebook (And if not go do it now!), you saw that yesterday I got to be a part of a group to learn about Let’s Move at the White House. Yes you read that right, I got to go to the White House yesterday. There was so much to see and do but most importantly was getting to listen to the First Lady speak to us with such passion about the Let’s Move Initiative. You see several years ago, Mrs. Obama was at a pediatrician appointment and well read how she phrased it:

Our doctor got this look of concern on his face. And he asked me, “What are you all eating at home?” And right then and there, I remember, in his — the exam room, my heart sank. The thought that I was maybe doing something that wasn’t good for my kids was devastating.

And maybe some of you can relate, but as an overachiever, I was like, “Wait, what do you mean, I’m not getting an A in motherhood? Is this like a B-? A C+? What are you telling me?” (Laughter.) But it really threw me. And that was my lightbulb moment — when I realized that we needed to make some real changes in our family routine.

Can you imagine sitting in a room and realizing you’re having the same conversations with your pediatrician as the First Lady? Yeah me either until yesterday. Then we learned that after she became First Lady there were decisions to be made. What was Mrs. Obama going to stand for? What was going to be her cause? And it hit her that healthy citizens was her passion. With that 6 years ago she started the Let’s Move initiative. In 6 years the Let’s Move program has helped nearly 80 million people to live in a Let’s Move! City, Town or County. 

While I had heard about the program before yesterday, I didn’t quite know all it entailed. Our elementary school is a Let’s Move school. Our kids are encouraged to get 60 minutes of exercise. In order to try and get them started on a good foot for the day, our teachers take breaks throughout the day. They have a video they dance to, they shake their bodies to get their wiggles out, they do jumping jacks, they walk in place. So I had good knowledge of that portion of the program but how about the Let’s Move! Outside program? The Let’s Move! Salad Bars to Schools? Let’s Move! Childcare? Have you heard of any of these?

The Let’s Move! Outside program is affecting our family. It is a program to get kids outside and into parks. When your child reaches 4th grade they get a special pass (Download it at Every Kid In A Park) that allows the entire car load to get into the National Park for free. Can you imagine seeing Yellowstone for free?

Let’s Move! Salad Bars to schools is a program to do just what it says, move salad bars into the schools for kids to use. I’m hoping our schools will follow suit. I know Rae would be happy to be able to fix her own little salad each day and it would be a much healthier option than some of the ones she takes from home.

I think the program that garnered my attention the most was the farm to school program. This is a program where schools use local farms to give the kids choices for produce. The best part is the USDA has grant money available for schools to start these programs. It has been found that the kids are more apt to choose produce they have seen grown locally and eat more of it. The program also has technical assistance for issues like food safety and finding the farms that they can work with.

So pictures? Did you want to see pictures from the White House? Check them all here: