Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition

Yesterday saw the release of Lady and the Tramp, Diamond Edition. Lady and the Tramp originally came out in 1955 but was rereleased when I was a kid. I remember going to the theaters to watch it with my mom and sister. A lot of our best memories are from watching Disney movies together. I want to pass that on to Rachael and Charlie. With Lady and the Tramp releasing yesterday to Blu-Ray and DVD it means another Disney classic can be added to our collection.

With the new release on to Blu-ray means crisper scenes with the colors being more vibrant. The kids have already taken the DVD from the Blu-ray combo pack and added it to their car collection (you know the movies that want to watch repeatedly in the car). The kids and I tend to have movie nights when Steve is working. It means some quality time spent cuddling together. The past week has been all about Lady and the Tramp. It means watching a classic with new eye. Was I as scared as Rachael when the rat goes in the nursery? Did I have the same sadness when Trusty gets hurt? Or the pride when Tramp gets his collar?

Nothing major has changed with Lady and the Tramp other than the quality. So you still get to see the classic songs like these:

And now we’re off to watch Lady and the Tramp again! Its time for a spaghetti scene.

While Disney sent me a copy of Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition to review, you can get your own copy online or in stores today!