JetBlue Offers Healthy Choices

jetBlue-LogoIt is so hard to travel when you have allergies and you have kids that you want to keep as healthy as possible. I have taken the kids a few times on the train but it’s been hard to think about doing that since their diagnoses because I worry about people trying to be helpful and handing them something that they can’t eat. The other thing is the few times we have gone on the train the choices were always so unhealthy. Chips and fried foods. Because of those experiences, I have never dreamed of taking the kids on a plane. The idea of an enclosed space thousands of feet in the air and not being able to take something healthy with me for them to eat is just not workable for me. JetBlue is growing with the consciousness of the people and is offering more healthy choices.

With summer vacations about to kick-off, our onboard selection provides an abundance of super-healthy and great-tasting fare. I wanted to share some of our health-friendly options with you. Also, if you are interested, I can set up time for you to speak with our head of sustainability, our product team and/or our partners to discuss our natural, healthy and sustainable food options.

ronnybrookRonnybrook Blackberry Yogurt Smoothie – In July, JetBlue will proudly welcome Ronnybrook onboard, based on our partnership with GrowNYC. Ronnybrook treats its cows like family.  They are the offspring of a long line of prizewinning Holsteins that the Osofsky family has raised for nearly 70 years.  Ronnybrook’s products are made with only natural ingredients and sourced to avoid rBST, pesticides and unnecessary environmental impacts.
*Ronnybrook products will only be available on flights between New York, Boston and select cities on the west coast.
Additional natural food offerings currently available onboard JetBlue include:

shape up boxThe Shape Up box (Kosher, Vegetarian, & Gluten-Free) includes:
-Dipin Classic Hummus
-Oloves® Olives – Mediterranean Flavor
-The Good Bean Chickpeas – Sea Salt Flavor
-Mary’s Gone Crackers Crackers
-Sun Maid® Raisins
-Bobs® Mint Ball
-Pamela’s Simplebites® Mini Cookie – Ginger Mini Snaps
2 degrees bars2 Degrees Bars: 2 Degrees is a Buy-One-Give-One food company. These good-for-you bars are available onboard as part of our Mix It Up box, For every  bar purchased, 2 Degrees  gives
a meal to a hungry child. JetBlue is working with the growing brand to provide meals to children in the airline’s service areas. This partnership will help raise the bar to end hunger. To date, JetBlue has ordered more than 70,000 bars. The associated meals will be donated shortly.
kind barsKind Bars: There’s healthy. There’s tasty. Then there’s healthy and tasty. KIND believes you deserve both. These are available onboard as part of our Beef Up boxes.



the good beanThe Good Bean: The Good Bean launched with a line of first-to-market all-natural roasted chickpea snacks in four flavors. They’re an excellent alternative to standard snacks such as chips, nuts, pretzels and popcorn – gluten-free, nut-free, high protein, high fiber, and low fat.