I’ve Got a Pearl Crush Wendy Mignot Pearls

A few days ago I saw a new line of pearl jewelry from Wendy Mignot. I was so excited to hear they wanted to send me a piece to review as well as offer you guys a code to receive money off your first purchase. While I received a Coastal Pearl bracelet for free, all opinions are my own. I’ve seen and even participated in all the pearl parties going on right now but the thing I don’t like is you never no what you’re going to get. The pearls are different colors and sizes and I’ve seen pieces where the pearl does not fit well with the setting because of those variables.

I got home from the DC Auto show last night and had a beautiful box waiting for me:

wendy mignot pearls

Inside the envelope was complete care instructions not just for my pearl but for my bracelet as well.

wendy mignot pearls

There was also a beautifully hand written note from Wendy Mignot herself. This is one of the things I love about certain companies. They take the time to really appreciate that their customers are purchasing from them.

wendy mignot pearls

Of course when I found a little jar of shea butter I was confused at first. As a knitter and spinner I use shea butter on my hands all the time. It soaks into your skin differently than most moisturizers but isn’t greasy. Once reading the care instructions I learned that it was to be used on the leather of my bracelet to keep it soft and supple.

wendy mignot pearls

In other words. Wendy Mignot cares not just about a sale but a purchase that is going to be cared for and look fantastic for an extended period of time.

Now the fun part was wearing my Coastal Single Freshwater Bracelet! In just the few stops I made today I had tons of comments on how beautiful it was and how great the pearl sat within the bracelet. wendy mignot pearlsI was also able to get some great buying tips for the big holiday coming up in 2 weeks!

One size does not fit all when it comes to jewelry. Wendy Mignot advises customers to keep size and proportion in mind when making a purchase. It is important that jewelry gifts are not only beautiful but also fit comfortably. When selecting a gift, determining your loved one’s size can be a challenge, so we recommend borrowing a piece from their collection to use as a guide. Many of the pieces in Wendy’s collections accommodate body types and personal style with varying sizes. Necklace sizing begins at a 14” choker-style fit and go to super long lengths depending on the piece. Bracelets especially work best when sized to fit the wrist. As a general guide, taller or large frame women can rock longer pearls and multiple layering while smaller and more petite ladies can make a single pearl stand out all on its own. Always be sure to keep in mind the size of the wearer for a necklace, bracelet or ring and remember that earrings fit everyone. If you don’t know the size, choose a piece that can be doubled, wrapped and layered to create the perfect fit.

Whether your loved one is more conservative,has a free-spirited gypsy style or lands somewhere in between, their everyday lifestyle plays a huge role in selecting the perfect accessory. Consider the wearer’s personal style and age. Check out some of these style makers to match up personality with the perfect gift.

When you are not sure what the recipient will like, consider choosing one of the “Versatile” pieces that offer different lengths, fashion styles and looks all in one piece. The “Wendy Signature” design as well as the “Versatile 4, 6 or 8 Pearl” necklaces can all be worn multiple ways which make them great pieces to both give and receive.

It’s important to look at the type of relationship and the extent of your Valentine’s crush to determine your gift budget. For new relationships and friends, we suggest the “Coastal” Collection with pieces made from Freshwater Pearls starting at $75. Any of these beauties would make a great first impression. For the extra-special relationship, exclusive and one-of-a-kind gifts, consider the “Society” Collection with rare South Sea and Tahitian pearls.

As I said they also offered each of you a special code! Head over to Wendy Mignot, check out the gorgeous pearls and settings and when you make your purchase with the code VALCIV30 from now until 2/14 you will receive $30 off!