Healthy Traveling with InstaVit

As you know I travel a lot any more. Three weeks ago it was San Fransisco. Last week it was North Carolina. Next week it’s New York. The problem is all the travel can take a toll on your body. I wanted to check out how to approach healthy traveling. For me it means a lot more since I also have so many issues with my Celiac disease. It’s hard to make sure that everything I come in contact is going to be safe and the smallest bit of gluten can cause havoc for weeks.

  1. Food. The first thing I have to think about is the food that will be available to me. I always pack protein bars. For a normal trip, I usually pack one for each day. Going to my parents in North Carolina is usually safe for me but I will pack a couple in my purse just in case. A trip like my recent one to San Fransisco I will pack 3 for each day. Seems excessive but unfortunately the food isn’t usually safe for me to eat. It looks delicious but not a healthy option for me. Premier Protein is my favorite brand.
  2. Medications. This seems like a no brainer but can I tell you how many times I’ve gone a trip and forgotten my meds? A short trip for a day or two isn’t as bad as a 5-6 day trip. And getting a refill isn’t always possible. The other thing to remember is that your meds should be in your prescription bottle. With drugs being such a huge problem in the US its best to take up the extra space for your bottles than to wind up in trouble because you need to prove that is your thyroid medicine and not something elicit. The other option is to look at some of the new pharmacy programs where you can get a days worth of medications in a pouch with your information on it.
  3. Vitamins. Traveling is hard on the body. I don’t sleep well when not in my own house. For that I have to make sure I carry some vitamins. Some are for sleeping (melatonin is my friend) and some are just to make sure I stay healthy. Lately I’ve been loving Instavit. Instavit sent me a sample pack to test while in San Fransisco. I was so excited to test these out because one of my biggest problems with a daily vitamin is I hate swallowing huge pills. Instavit is great because they are a spray vitamin. The Instavit Ultimate travel kit comes with Instavit® Sweet Dreams, Instavit® Instant Energy, Instavit® Vitamin D and Instavit® Immune Strength. I loved the Sweet Dreams spray. It was just enough to get me to sleep quickly and soundly but allowed me to wake up feeling rested and not drugged like other meds can do. I never get enough vitamin D because of the Celiac disease. So being able to get a spray of it and go on the day is amazing. I didn’t use the Immune Strength while in San Fransisco but I did use it while in North Carolina. I had a rash pop up that I wasn’t sure what the cause was. Because of it I started some Immune Strength just to make sure the rest of me was feeling great.
  4. Water. While food and meds and vitamins are important, the other big tip I have for healthy traveling is to make sure you drink your water. If you need to have a bottle, bring one with you and fill it. Many airports have the new bottle refill stations so you can take an empty sports bottle through security and then fill it with cold water to keep you refreshed. It not only helps you feel better but it also helps you look better too!