Getting Crafty with Disney Princess Crochet Kits

We are a crafting family. Right now Rae is learning how to sew. With tons of help she has started putting together a jelly roll strip quilt. But my love always has and always will be yarn. If it involves yarn, than that is where I you will find me. I prefer to knit but can also crochet and there are lots of times you will find me in front of my spinning wheel making my own yarn. I’ve been excited to see many kits in the past few years that are geared towards kids and family learning these “dying arts”.  The newest ones are largely Disney themed.

The two newest ones are centered on the Disney Princesses and Frozen.
20160108_151104 (1)

The first set is the  Disney Princess Crochet Kit. The thing I love about these kits is that they come with enough yarn, crochet hook and materials to make two princesses. Rae stated that she wanted Ariel as her first princess. The kit also comes with enough items t also make Cinderella.

20160108_164015 (1)The instructions are very clear and easy to follow if you know how to crochet. There are several videos across the internet to teach yourself how to crochet if you don’t know how. I will say the kit includes enough yarn but there is no extra so be careful if you are a new crocheter and just starting. You may want to grab some of your own yarn to make sure you don’t run out.

Our neighbor was nice enough to help me out with making these dolls so that I could get them finished in a decent time. Ariel at her best:


The other kit we received was the Disney Frozen Crochet Kit. I knew Rae would love this one as you are able to make Anna and Elsa. I was a little surprised though because she chose Elsa.

20160108_163930 (1)

The supplies for the Frozen kit.

The best thing is if you give these as part of your Easter presents but do it at the beginning of spring break you automatically have an activity that you and the kids can do together while they’re home from school. Grab an extra crochet hook and you can make one doll while your daughter works on the other one.