Five Great Stops to Make A Day in DC

While we live close to DC, its not often that we go there and just play tourist. This is something we’re actually going to do a bit this summer since Rae will be with my parents. Charlie and I will have to keep busy and I know he will love to see some of the museums and just walk the city. But the thing is I want to see and do something that is not the norm. The norm of course is all of the Smithsonian museums and they are great but I want to be different. I was asked last week to visit Five Great Stops to Make A Day in DC and we were hosted for this event. I headed to DC and I think my first big hint for traveling is to use the Metro. While it can be a pain to figure out at first, all you need to do is visit the WMATA website. You can tell it when you’ll be in town, what time you want to leave and what stops you want to start and end at. It will tell you every step from when the train is coming, when there might be an issue with track work, when you should arrive and how much your fare will be. We usually park at the Suitland Metro station and head in on the green line. For this particular day you’ll want to head to the Galleria Place station. Its a pretty central hub in DC and you can then walk to many places from there.Five Great Stops to Make A Day in DC

  1. Start the day with a great breakfast at Fruitive. While there you can grab some of their toast options or get a supergrain bowl. Now the toast isn’t gluten free but most of their liquid meals and supergrain bowls are.
    While I couldn’t eat the toasts, I did test the Fruitive Original Granola and the Charcoal Limeade. The Limeade wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t horrible either. It had a strong taste of lime and it threw me a bit. The granola though has become a favorite for me. I received a package of it while on our visit and it is so good mixed in with my yogurt in the morning. It’s fantastic! Oh and Gluten Free!
    While you’re there and relaxing, make sure you take a glance around at the fresh and creative space that they have. I know we’re going back and I’m grabbing one of their reusable glass bottles because they’re just plain beautiful.
    If you’re in a hurry and want to keep moving you can also grab some of their favorite drinks to go. They are best kept cold so make sure you’re drinking as you walk to your next stop. But if you want to keep them in the fridge for a bit, they actually last for longer than you think. The best part is Fruitive is one of only 2 certified organic restaurants within the DC proper. Unfortunately they will be the only one in a few months when the second restaurant closes. They even grow many of their own produce on their farms.
  2. Once you’re fueled up for a good day, you’ll need to hit your next stop. For me I would be heading to the International Spy Museum.
    While this museum is not free, they are reasonably priced with tickets for adults at $22. My honest opinion is to upgrade for a total of $29 and do the Operation Spy at the same time. The biggest thing is to remember that this museum is totally interactive. While some of the displays are historical and requiring more reading, the museum has family guides so the kids have activities as they go through the museum. There is a huge Bond exhibit and includes a few of the cars from the movies.
    When I say it’s an interactive museum, mean that it really means interactive. There are exhibits where you can put your sleuthing/spy skills to work including learning about the enigma machine and using it:
    Five Great Stops to Make A Day in DCThere are even a few spaces where kids can get really into the act and climb through tunnels and air vents. Mimi from Mimi Cute Lips was spying on us from the vent at one point.Five Great Stops to Make A Day in DC I would make sure you allot at least 2 hours for the museum. We had about 1.5 hours and I know there were things I missed seeing because we needed to move on. Operation Spy is a special program that is for grades 7+ and will take an additional 90 minutes. Participants travel to a foreign country where they play the role of US intelligence officers on a high-stakes mission. The museum has programs for grades as low as 4 and they even have a summer camp program.
  3. After all that spying you’ll be hungry and need some sustenance. We were invited to try a quaint little vegan restaurant called HipCityVeg. This was another place I had never heard of before but fell in love with. They didn’t have a huge amount of gluten free foods but I did get an amazing Cesar salad. It had a special dressing and included jicama and plantain chips. YUM!
    The other bloggers got to try a few of their sandwiches.

    I wasn’t too sure about the BFG drink but it was delicious as was the Banana Whip.

    The BFG: Blended spinach, apples, bananas and seasonal fruit

    Banana Whips are nothing but frozen bananas blended smooth. Toppings can be added for texture.

  4. To walk off the decadent yummies, we headed over to Tesla. I think this was the first trip I’ve ever been on that Steve was massively jealous of. Thankfully I didn’t find out we were visiting until the night before. I have to say when I left I was excited to have learned as much as I did about the newest in Tesla vehicles and we’re actually thinking about reserving a new Model 3!

    Front Trunk Space Model S

    Model S

    Model X

    I mean come on when a car will park in the spot for you, and pull out so you can get in? Who doesn’t want that? Plus the Model X had the most amazing doors for the back. It means getting to the back seat with more space. The vehicles have tons of cameras making it safer to drive and operate. The doors on the Model X even have cameras so when they open they won’t hit anything including the ceiling in a low garage.

    The @teslamotors X totally parked itself! #upcfamtour #hosted

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  5. Our last stop was right around the corner at Core Power Yoga. I can honestly say I have never done yoga before and wasn’t sure this was going to work well for me. I left feeling invigorated and calmer. Our Yogis gave us a 10 minute class where we went through several yoga movements and learned to breath more naturally. As we were told, it was great to learn this breathing technique just for our day to day life. When things have gotten stressful the last few days, I’ve taken a few of these breaths and recentered myself. It really has been a great way to refocus my energy and let things go.

I want to thank each location that invited us out and provided us with a meal or experience that helped us with Five Great Stops to Make A Day in DC.

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