DIY Lavender Exfoliating Sugar Cubes


Have you decided to do cheaper presents this year? Maybe its time to make items from scratch? I sure have. I have decided my favorite thing right now are these lavender exfoliating sugar cubes.

Supplies Needed
1 bar soap, unscented
Lavender scented body lotion or
lavender essential oil
¾ cup white sugar
¼ cup Vitamin E oil
Lavender buds, optional
Ice cube trays
Microwave safe bowls

Body scrub is a great way to exfoliate skin that gets dry and ashy in winter. If you love scrubs but have a hard time using them in the shower, exfoliating sugar cubes are a great alternative that you can easily handle while showering. The cubes are made using regular soap bars that make them easier to shape. The best part, you can customize them, adding alternate oils and fragrance options to use up what you already have on hand.

The base of this scrub consists of grated bar soap and sugar. The other ingredients can be alternated, but this recipe uses Vitamin E oil, because it is commonly found in stores. Alternate body oils include jojoba oil, almond oil and even olive oil. To create a lavender scrub use lavender essential oil or the more affordable and easily ready, lavender scented body lotion– go with a colored option. Finally, if you have fresh or dried lavender buds, they add to the scent and beauty of the scrub cubes.

Grate the bar soap, only 3/4 cup of grated soap, or about half a regular sized bar, is needed. Add soap to a microwave safe mixing bowl with ¼ cup vitamin E oil. Mix the two and add to the microwave for 10 seconds. Remove bowl from microwave, mixing again, replace for an additional 10 seconds. Soap and oil should be liquidy with soap only visible in small flecks– if still stiff, add soap for another 10 seconds.

Soap and oil solidify really fast, but as long as you can stir it, its ready for the next step. Add lavender essential oil or body lotion to soap mixture. Pour in sugar and mix well. The exfoliating sugar will have a thick sandy composition. If you have lavender buds, add them now and mix in.

Add large spoonfuls of the mixture into individual ice cube tray openings. Use your fingers to pack the scrub down into each cube. As the soap solidifies it helps keep the scrub cubes together. Place tray in the fridge for an hour to hasten hardening.

After an hour, remove the tray from the fridge and pop out the cubes. Keep them near the shower for easy use whenever your skin needs a little perking up. For gift giving, stack them in a cute jar and seal.