Decorating a Home the Fun Way


*Spice up your Living Room Décor with Colorful Cushions*

Adding a splash of color is one of the simplest ways to freshen up your
living room. If you don’t have time to repaint then start browsing for
cushions to jazz up your furniture
and bring a
lighter atmosphere into the home. They’re such a simple addition, which
bring a big change to how a room feels and looks.

*An easy way to revamp a room*

It doesn’t take much to brighten up a tired looking living room. A new
rug, a few new lighting options and even some flowers in a vase will make
all the difference. However, cushions are one of the simplest ways to add
some color and comfort as well as having the effect of tying your room
together. Give a little thought first to your room’s theme and your
furniture before beginning your cushion hunt.

*Contrasting colors*

Contrasting cushions on your sofa will add interest and in many cases
the bolder the shade, the better. Using cushions that are the same tone as
your chairs or sofas will simply neutralize the cushions – you won’t be
able to see them. Also mix up your cushion fabrics and try not to use the
same materials that used to cover your sofa.

*Tie your living room color scheme together*

Although matching cushions to your sofa isn’t advised, you can use
shades that tie in with the rest of your room. This will give your living
room a distinct theme and can create an ambience throughout the room.
Darker shades can make a room feel more intimate while bright,
bold colors will open the place up and give a fresher look. Take a look
around your living room and pick out the dominant color: match your
cushions to this shade.

*Create your own *

If you want to go one better than store bought cushions in terms of
individuality then why not design and create your own cushions.
Once you have created your designs you can buy the materials needed, sew
together and then buy your stuffing of choice. There are websites that will
also allow you to create your designs from scratch, choose your materials
and deliver the finished product straight to your door.

A little creative thinking with your cushion choices can make a world of
difference to the look of your living room. It only takes one of two of
these comfortable little items to give your home a revamped look.