Cute Aluminum Signs Giveaway

Life is all about being customized these days. We customize our laptops with snazzy cases. We customize our cars with bumper stickers and more. We customize our homes with curtains and furniture but the walls are even more customized. I've seen great … [Read more...]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy E3 trailer

If you're like me you grew up with Sonic and Crash Bandicoot. With nostalgia being a big selling point right now, many companies are bringing our favorites back. Yesterday I told you all about Toys Making a Comeback. Today I get to share the latest … [Read more...]

Sick Just Got Real Giveaway

It's hard to be a mom and make sure you keep your kids in tip top shape. When they're sick it's even harder. Charlie will be having minor surgery on Wednesday and I'm worried about it. The biggest thing is the amount of pain I already know he will be … [Read more...]

Huge 4 Winner #Giveaway

Nothing I love more than sharing a great giveaway with you guys. I'm loving this huge 4 winner giveaway because we have so much to share with you guys. That's right we will have 4 winners so make sure you follow the rules and enter. It's Free … [Read more...]

Mandisa Out of the Dark CD

I fell in love with Mandisa at a concert a few years ago. I know I had heard some of her songs but never really knew who she was. I hadn't taken the time to think about the singer, just the lyrics and how much they had touched me. I was sent an … [Read more...]

Surprizamals Revealed

While at TTPM we found quite a few companies that we were excited to be working with. My favorite PR firm was there and they of course had several clients there but one we didn't get a chance to see was Surprizamals! Thankfully for us we came home to … [Read more...]

Taking a Spa Day with Alex Brands

Rachael turns 9 in just a few days and I'm not ready. It means more girly stuff, make up, jewelry, slumber parties and so much more. This year her friend had a spa party and Rae fell in love. She absolutely decided to that was the theme she wanted … [Read more...]

Don’t Pop It! Blast Box Review

We went to TTPM Spring Showcase a few days ago. It was so much fun. We got to meet tons of great toy companies and more fun was playing with them all. The kids fell in love with a toy from Zing Toys. I reached out and the very next day a Blast Box … [Read more...]

Bubble Guppies Super Guppies DVD Giveaway

Our kiddos are a lots past the Bubble Guppies stage but I know so many people are still there. I wanted to share this great Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies Giveaway with those who would want to win! Welcome to the Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies DVD … [Read more...]

R. M. Palmer Giveaway

I happen to love chocolate. It's my biggest downfall. R. M. Palmer actually makes my favorite chocolates. They tend to be found at Easter under the name bunny money. There chocolate coins with peanut butter on the top. Yum!! Today we have an R. M. … [Read more...]