Drop Dead Diva

Meet Drop Dead Diva This summer Lifetime's critically acclaimed hit Drop Dead Diva will be returning to televisions across the nation. I personally will be tuning in Sunday, June 6th as the second season starts. Brooke Elliott plays Jane an up and … [Read more...]

Santa Buddies

We watch a ton of movies in our house. Mostly because I like to be able to know the full content before the kids seen it. Anything involving animals is a big hit. We had been watching Space Buddies for awhile. Magically Christmas time started and … [Read more...]

Carl Fredricksen Interview for UP

INTERVIEWER:  So, Mr. Fredricksen, it’s Carl, right? CARL FREDRICKSEN: Let’s stick to Mr. Fredricksen. INTERVIEWER:  Oh, okay, Mr. Fredricksen. CARL FREDRICKSEN:  Will this take very long? INTERVIEWER:  No, not long.  Um, I … [Read more...]

UP and Jordan Nagai

Jordan Nagai provides the voice of a wilderness explorer called Russell in Disney Pixar’s new animation, Up. We catch up with the youngster to find out all about it… Tell us about your new movie, Up… Up is about a young wilderness … [Read more...]

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Charlie loves new movies. He picks a movie and watches it over and over and over until we get a new one. His pick last week was Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. We originally saw the movie in 3D. Taking Charlie to a 3D movie is quite a trip as he … [Read more...]